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Coffee Cups

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Every day, we hold them in our hands. In the mornings, they get up when we do, no matter how early it is. And they accompany us through our workday, always there when we need them. Coffee cups are much more than just cups. Among the many coffee cups of this world, everyone has their special favourite one, even if we don’t put much thought into it. This is how our coffee cups are always an indication of who we are. Simple cups without handles, playful ones with a knitted pattern, the ones with large graphic images or comic-book printing – you will find exactly the cup that is perfect for you in our shop. A cup that brings you a bit of joy every day.

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Fancy Coffee Cups and Cool Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are available in endless variations. The variety of mugs and cups presented in our shop gives an overview of their versatility. Designers all over the world have put much thought into using different materials, ergonomics of coffee drinking and especially into cup design – and created various unusual designer coffee mugs and espresso cups.

Coffee cups by Marimekko are decorated with world-famous patterns, such as the iconic Räsymatto by Maija Louekari or the Unikko by Maija Isola, celebrating a triumph in all accessory areas since 1964. Koziol provides coffee cups with a plastic ring, which is more than just a curious detail: it protects fingers from the high temperature of a hot drink. Stelton offers a special eye-catcher – the Circle mug – which has a very organic shape and a stylish round dent at the onset of its handle. Rosendahl remains faithful to the Grand Cru line and decorates its coffee cups with the characteristic grooves. And Iittala offers really tender cups with its Sarjaton collection: their soft lines form a pattern which looks like it was knitted.

Porcelain: The Material of Choice for Coffee Mugs

Porcelain is one of the most popular materials used for making cups, and with good reason: it is very hard, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. Its good insulating abilities ensure that your coffee will remain hot for a long time. As it does not conduct much heat, your hands stay protected from the hot contents. Porcelain can be easily shaped when it is liquid and then, when it cools down after burning, decorated through spraying, hand-painting, or applying adhesive films and precious metals. This gives enormous opportunities to designers. Thus, porcelain is predestined to be the number one material in production of tableware of any kind!
In our section with thermo mugs/link} you can also find a variety of portable coffee mugs.

Designer Coffee Mugs at Connox – Your Advantages at a Glance

Would you like to buy coffee mugs or coffee cups online? We will conveniently deliver your favourite cup straight to your home in just a few business days!

In addition to coffee cups and mugs, our shop sells matching coffee machines, coffee makers and coffee presses.