Designer Kitchen Chairs

A look at our designer kitchen chairs proves that they need not only be a practical seating accommodation: whether classical, modern or young-and-fresh, they are always a highlight in the kitchen. Whether you choose a kitchen chair equipped with armrests or a white one is, of course, up to your personal taste. All our designer chairs have the highest quality and impress with high-end materials and careful processing. This is what big names like Vitra, Magis and Hay stand for. In addition to that, our designer kitchen chairs are also trendy eye-catchers that invite to spend time in the most popular room of the whole apartment not only for eating, but also for games and conversations.

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Hay - J77 Chair Hay - J77 Chair from £135.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW from £305.00 *Hay - Hee Chair Hay - Hee Chair from £145.00 *Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair from £27.00 *Kartell - Masters Chair Kartell - Masters Chair from £159.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair, Wood Legs Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair, Wood Legs from £220.00 *Vitra - Wire Chair DKR Vitra - Wire Chair DKR from £310.00 *Hay - About A Chair AAC 12 Hay - About A Chair AAC 12 from £195.00 *Menu - WM String Dining Chair Menu - WM String Dining Chair from £201.00 *Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair from £566.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAR Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAR from £319.00 *Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair coloured Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair coloured from £322.00 *Muuto - Visu chair Muuto - Visu chair from £259.00 *Fritz Hansen - Drop Chair Fritz Hansen - Drop Chair from £294.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR from £235.00 *Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair Monochrome Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair Monochrome from £322.00 *Hay - About a Chair AAC 22 (oak soaped) Hay - About a Chair AAC 22 (oak soaped) from £199.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAW Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAW from £429.00 *Kartell - Dr. NO Arm chair Kartell - Dr. NO Arm chair from £159.00 *Chair First Chair First from £150.00 *Magis - Air-Armchair Magis - Air-Armchair from £109.00 *Driade - Toy Armchair Driade - Toy Armchair from £163.00 *Muuto - Cover Chair Muuto - Cover Chair from £349.00 *Arper - Juno Chair Arper - Juno Chair from £116.00 *Vitra - Prouvé Standard SP Chair Vitra - Prouvé Standard SP Chair from £379.00 *Muuto - Fiber Chair - Tube Base Muuto - Fiber Chair - Tube Base from £219.00 *Menu - Afteroom Chair Menu - Afteroom Chair from £249.95 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Armchair, Wood Legs Normann Copenhagen - Form Armchair, Wood Legs from £240.00 *Hay - Result Chair Hay - Result Chair from £215.00 *Authentics - Wait Chair Authentics - Wait Chair from £50.00 *Plank - Myto Chair Plank - Myto Chair from £210.00 *Casala - Casalino 2007/10 armchair Casala - Casalino 2007/10 armchair from £215.00 *Fritz Hansen - Ant Chair Fritz Hansen - Ant Chair from £322.00 *Plank - Monza Chair Plank - Monza Chair from £399.00 *Casamania - Vad Chair Casamania - Vad Chair £228.00 *Emeco - 111 Navy Coca-Cola Chair Emeco - 111 Navy Coca-Cola Chair from £336.00 *

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Designer Kitchen Chairs by Vitra

Designer Kitchen Chairs: An Eye-Catcher in Every Apartment

A cantilever chair is reminiscent of a past historical age, the Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW by Vitra is particularly robust and easy-care – in our shop, you can find beautiful designer kitchen chairs for every taste and purpose, that meet even the highest demands. Choose whichever one you want. Perhaps your new seating accommodation should be practical and robust, because there are little children in the house? Or maybe you prefer an elegant seating group that highlights your interior style? Otherwise, we can also offer a slick break in style to the modern and futuristically furnished kitchens. Whatever your idea of a perfect kitchen chair may be, you will find the fitting piece of furniture in our shop.

How to Furnish Your Dining Room

Of course, kitchen chairs are not only used in the kitchen. If you have a separate dining room and are looking for decorative dining-room chairs, take a look at our extensive range. By putting your chairs around a designer dining table, you can with little effort create an elegant seating furniture suite for visitors or a modern combination for the whole family, which will easily withstand the pressure of a turbulent family life. In any case, you can be sure that all seating accommodations are perfectly suited to your individual style. They will serve as a visual highlight in your home – the one that friends, acquaintances and family will surely envy, and that will develop into a popular meeting place for everyone. This way, everyone will surely find their new favourite spot in the kitchen and dining room.

Designer Kitchen Chairs in Our Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance