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Glass Carafe

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Glass is one of the most flexible materials. Melted, it can be shaped and painted, it is resistant when cold and — depending on the composition and thickness — it won’t break easily. Its adaptability makes glass one of the most popular materials for serving, cooking and decorating. Carafes and pitchers reflect the wide range of possibilities offered by glass. Elaborately decorated glass carafes, which are reminiscent of melting glaciers or robust, heat-resistant jugs like those of Jenaer Glas: discover our diversity!

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Diverse Glass Carafes — with or without Lid or Insert

Offer all types of drinks with style: the usage possibilities of the glass carafe are as versatile as its appearance. More than ever they are designed with functionality in mind — form follows function. Decanters like the wine carafe from Iittala are very bulky, giving a larger surface for the wine to breathe before it is served and while being poured into a glass. Water carafes such as those by Eva Solo can hold fruits, herbs and other ingredients to give the water a special flavour or to make lemonade or iced tea out of it. A lid seals the flavour-enhancing ingredients in the carafe and prevents carbon dioxide from escaping. Menu offers water carafes with a flip-top lid that opens automatically when pouring. Iittala focusses on simplicity with its glass decanters from the Essence collection and the Kartio series. Decanters don't just have to hold water or wine — combinations are also popular. For example, the water / wine decanter by Menu. More than 20 prototypes were produced before the shape of the Menu water / wine decanter was finalised. This fact makes it clear how clever the concept of a carafe suitable for water and wine has to be. Before you buy your glass carafe online, there are some things to consider...

Checklist — You Should Ask Yourself these Questions before Buying:

  • The purpose: What would you use the carafe for — decanting, giving flavour or only serving? This influences the belly diameter, the size of the carafe's opening and the necessity of an insert.
  • Capacity: How many litres should it hold?
  • Additional requirements: does it have a flip-top lid, a spout or a special closure?
  • Practicality: Is the glass carafe dishwasher safe? How high is it, does it fit in the refrigerator?

Find all this information in the characteristics on each product page. Find a detailed product text explaining the production and the specialities of the glass carafes together with the information on capacity, materials, and size.

A glass carafe doesn't always have to satisfy a purpose and the appropriate requirements. Each decanter is suitable as a decorative element. Arrange long-stemmed flowers in it or make them look decorative on your sideboard. One thing is sure: You will find an inspiring selection in the interior design shop!