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Shower squeegee

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Shower squeegees are among the most important everyday items in any home. They keep our showers clean and lime free. With the shower squeegees from the hottest brands, you can bring in design even in the bathroom. Because shower squeegees are not only functional, now they also look good. How you too can combine functionality and design with the right shower squeegee, we show you below.

Here's what you should consider when buying a shower squeegee:

1. What is a shower squeegee and what is it used for?
2. The different materials
3. The correct use of a shower squeegee
4. Advantages of a shower squeegee
5. Storage of a shower squeegee
6. Shower squeegee as a furnishing item
7. Conclusion

What is a shower squeegee and what is it used for?

A shower squeegee is an important tool in any bathroom. It is primarily used to clean shower doors and walls, but it can also be used on other surfaces such as windows and mirrors. A high-quality squeegee has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip and a blade made of soft, flexible material. The squeegee is an important part of keeping your bathroom clean and shiny. Most squeegees are made of rubber or silicone to avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

Rim Shower squeegee from Zone Denmark

When buying a shower squeegee, pay attention to the surfaces you will use it for. If you plan to use it for multiple surfaces, look for a model with an adjustable blade. This way, you can adjust the angle of the blade to fit the surface you're cleaning. Some squeegees even have a built-in soap dispenser, so you don't have to carry a separate bottle of detergent. Equally useful, are shower squeegees in which you can replace silicone lips. This way you will always have a new and clean silicone surface.

The different materials

Shower squeegees are usually made of plastic or metal. Models made of plastic are usually cheaper, but not as durable as their metal counterparts. Stainless steel shower wipers are more expensive, but they last longer and won't rust. If you're looking for a middle ground, aluminum is a good choice. It's lighter than stainless steel, but more durable than plastic.

The proper use of a shower squeegee

If you're looking for a new shower squeegee, here's what you should consider. A good squeegee fits well in your hand, has a soft and flexible blade, and can reach all the nooks and crannies in your bathroom.

Rim Shower squeegee from Zone Denmark

To use a shower squeegee, first wet the blade with water. If you already have a wet surface, such as in the shower, you can skip this step. Then, run the squeegee in a smooth motion over the surface you want to clean. Be sure to overlap each stroke so you don't miss a spot. When you're done, wipe the blade dry. You can use the shower squeegee in more than just the bathroom and shower. A shower squeegee can equally be used to clean any glass surfaces, such as mirrors and windows.

Advantages of a shower squeegee

Using a shower squeegee has many advantages.

First, it helps keep your bathroom clean by preventing soap scum and lime scale buildup. Likewise, by using a shower squeegee, you can almost eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. Your fixtures and shower stall will thus also look good for longer when cleaned gently using shower squeegee instead of aggressive cleaners that attack the surfaces.

EasyStore Shower squeegee from Joseph Joseph

Besides, it is much easier to clean a wet surface with a squeegee than to scrub it dry with towels.

Finally, a shower squeegee is a great way to maintain the look of your bathroom. With regular use, a squeegee can help extend the life of your bathroom fixtures and tiles.

Storage of a shower squeegee

Shower squeegee from Eva Solo in black

When you're not using your squeegee, it's important to store it in a safe place. Most models come with a matching hook or suction cup for easy storage. If your model doesn't have one, you can always purchase a separate storage solution. The advantage with a shower squeegee with a hook is that it's right at hand after your shower, so cleaning won't be forgotten. Alternatively, you can store the shower squeegee dry in the bathroom cabinet.

Shower squeegee as a furnishing item

A shower squeegee is not only a practical bathroom helper, but can also be a stylish piece of furniture. There are many different designs and materials to choose from. You can find models made of wood, plastic or even metal. Some are even designed to match the decor of your bathroom. In addition, many manufacturers offer shower squeegees, which also match the rest of the bathroom items in the series. Thus, you have a coherent overall picture in your bathroom.

Rim Bathroom collection from Zone Denmark

Whether you choose an elegant and modern design or a more traditional look, you are sure to find a shower squeegee that suits your taste.


When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, a shower squeegee is an essential tool. It is easy to use and helps keep your bathroom clean and shiny. It's also a great way to extend the life of your fixtures.

So, if you're looking for an easy and effective way to clean your bathroom, a shower squeegee is just what you need.