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From the beginning, the aim of the Danish company Verpan has been to produce lighting and furniture designs in accordance with Verner Panton's original principles - to create a synthesis between quality and originality.

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Design classics from Verner Panton

For many years Verpan has been producing the famous lamps from Verner Panton with the greatest care in terms of quality and originality - to create luminaires that illuminate rooms even when switched off. From the very beginning, the Danish company's aim has been to manufacture the luminaires in accordance with Verner Panton's original principles. This goal was made possible primarily through a close and inspiring collaboration with the widow of the late designer, Marianne Panton and her family.

It all began at Verpan with the " Fun Lamp " from 1964 - more than a simple light source and extraordinarily multi-faceted. Its light sounds resemble a distant chime and at the same time create an overwhelmingly sensual calm. Verpan's managing director Peter Frandsen himself has designed the " Fun Lamp "With its numerous mother-of-pearl elements, it is said to have become the favourite toy of his then young son Gustav.

After a successful start with the Panton -Verpan has recently expanded its range with a new collection of furniture and carpets from the Verner Panton archive.

"It is amazing to see how these old, visionary designs still bring a room to life today and immediately enhance the surroundings," says Verpan's managing director Peter Frandsen. "For us it is exactly what it is all about: modernising and enriching rooms, places, people and experiences. That is why Verpan not only offers the most beautiful Verner Panton -products, but is also known for exquisite service and attention to detail".

Verner Panton

As a sign of authenticity and to authenticate the products, Verpan provides them with an engraved logo of the designer.

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