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The Panton Chair is an icon of 20th century design. It is the most consistent expression of a design concept, which wants to realise an object with a flowing shape from a single material.

The Danish designer Verner Panton worked for many years on the idea of creating a plastic chair from a single cast. Together with Vitra, the first prototypes were created in the 60s, with the Panton Chair being serially produced since 1967. Since its introduction, the Panton Chair has gone through multiple production phases brought about by technological advances in the use of plastics.

At the end of the 90s, Vitra worked in collaboration with Verner Panton to produce the final authorised version of the Panton Chair. With this model, one of Panton's ultimate objectives was achieved for the first time: a plastic chair as an inexpensive industrial product.


Construction of the Panton Chair

The Panton Chair is constructed using a modern injection moulding process. The base material, a 230°C granulate, is injected into a mould. The machine presses the chair into shape with a ten-tonne weight and gives it its iconic design. After cooling down, the front part of the mould is removed and the Panton Chair is almost ready. The edges are then finished and other fine detail is worked out - then before you know there’s one more designer creation in the world.