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How to find the right posters for your home

  1. Combine motifs
  2. Size and frame
  3. Hanging wall pictures
  4. The right paper

1. Combine poster motifs

A topic

Posters from one subject area can be easily combined with each other. The sizes, colours and motifs can vary, but the overall picture is harmonious. An individually designed poster wall can reflect your personal taste, preferences or interests. For example, combine colorful photo posters with black and white motifs, as shown in the following example.

Poster-Motive kombinieren

1. Paper Collective - Black Pants Poster | 2. Paper Collective - Serious Dreamer | 3. Paper Collective - Dancer 02 | 4. Paper Collective - Red with Pearls

A colour world

If you remain loyal to a colour family, then anything is permitted: colourful creations set colourful accents and become eye-catchers on a white wall.

Combine posters in beige and brown tones

Always orientate yourself on the existing interior. Pick up on the colour palette or interior design style of the room or use a poster as a targeted contrast to create a break in style.

Poster in black and white with green accents

1. Paper collective - Ensō black poster | 2. Moebe - Floating leaves | 3. Paper Collective - Nature 1:1 Pine Cone | 4. Paper Collective - Midnight

Mix & Match

Moving motifs with many colours are best combined with minimalist motifs, typography posters or graphic designs.

Combine posters: Mix & Match

1. Paper Collective - Into The Blue 01 | 2. Paper collective - Gentil poster | 3. Paper Collective - Basketball Cities 01 (Hong Kong), 30 x 40 cm | 4. Paper collective - Girls poster | 5. Paper Collective - Los Angeles is Pink 01 | 6. Paper Collective - Feelings

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that the more detailed or smaller the motif, the larger the chosen format should be. In addition, there is the viewing distance - can I imagine myself directly in front of it or is there a piece of furniture in front of it?" - Viktoria, furnishing expert

2. The right size and the right frame

The size of a poster often depends on where the pictures should hang and how much space is available on the wall. Common formats for posters are 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm as well as 60 x 90 cm.

Tip: "When designing a poster wall, the tension is increased not only by the choice of motif and frame, but also by the sporadic use of passe-partouts." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Coloured float poster with passepartout

1. Paper Collective - The Swimmer 01 | 2. Paper Collective - The Swimmer 02 | 3. Paper Collective - Picture Frame | 4. Paper Collective - The Swimmer 01

Choose between a pure poster, a discreet suspension or a classic picture frame that artistically focuses on the motif. Note that when you use a passe-partout, for example, a correspondingly larger frame must be scheduled. In addition, some prints by artvoll or Kay Bojesen can be purchased already framed.

3. Hang wall pictures correctly

There are numerous possibilities to design your personal and individual poster wall.

Moebe and by Lassen - Picture frames

4. The right paper

Paper types for murals

Cotton paper is particularly hard-wearing and is ideal for printing and embossing. It is not only the basis for design posters, but also for European banknotes.

Posters made of recycled paper are also of high quality and very tear-resistant due to the addition of new fibres. They also protect the environment.

Munken has a structure and therefore looks more noble. The uncoated paper gives a natural impression and is mostly used for art prints.

Somewhat more unconventional are transparent films, as from the manufacturer Moebe . On the film, the printed photographs achieve a unique expression of multidimensionality that is rarely achieved in printed products.

Floating Leaves from Moebe - floating in space

Paper thickness

Design posters are distinguished by the high-quality paper on which they are printed. The higher the number of grams of paper, the thicker and more robust the poster will be. For comparison, a common printer paper has a weight of 80 g and good printer paper has a weight of 120 g.

Glossy or matt paper

Matt papers do not dazzle as much as glossy ones. They generally appear more natural and are largely resistant to fingerprints and fat marks.

Coated or uncoated paper

The coating makes the paper smoother, more stable and absorbs less ink. In addition, a finer print screen is possible than with uncoated papers, which makes printing more detailed and intensive.

If you want to enjoy your poster motifs for as long as possible, you should not hang them in direct sunlight unless you are sure they are UV-resistant.

Particularly practical: Wall posters made of paper can be easily removed and rolled up for storage - so you avoid unattractive creases or cracks and can replace and reuse the posters at any time.

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