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Wall objects

Wall decoration: achieve great effects with small things.

A little bit of color can do a lot. Paint your wall yellow and the room looks friendly and puts you in a good mood. A little gray on another wall and the room has a modern look. But you do not always have to reach for paint bucket and brush. Already with a wall tattoo, an eye-catching wall clock, a mural or a photo frame can bring about great changes. The decoration ideas for your walls are countless and the possibilities unlimited.

Wall decoration in the home design store - your advantages at a glance

Decorative letters: Trend Tip Typography

Typography is about how a text and the font used for it look. Characteristics such as color, size or spacing play the main role. Today, fonts tend to be kept straightforward and clean. Especially in the digital age, they serve to improve understanding. Nevertheless: typography has creative potential! It is individual and is perfect for wall design. The manufacturer Design Letters is one of the pioneers of the trend. In 2011, he added the letters of the famous designer Arne Jacobsen to the range. For example, with the Design Letters Wooden Letters Indoor Black you can form names or whole sentences and stage them as wall decor. More interesting facts about typography can be found in the article " Decorating with letters: Typography as a home trend " in our Connox Magazine .

Wall tattoos and wall stickers as wall decoration

Wall tattoos have the great advantage that they are uncomplicated and offer great scope for action. You do not have to laboriously tape and paint the walls to bring a little color into your home. With an adhesive surface, wall stickers can be easily applied to any surface. Once you are tired of them you can remove them just as easily without damaging the wallpaper. This is especially handy in rental apartments. The ferm Living wall sticker Calendar is a wall tattoo that changes every day. It is coated with blackboard film and takes on the function of a calendar on which you can enter and remove your appointments every day.

Exciting effects with 3D wall decals and trophies:

3D decorations on the wall are interesting mainly because you seem to change with different incidences of light. Depending on the light, the shadows on the objects shift and move other details into the foreground or background. A particularly beautiful wall decoration are trophies interpreted in a modern way. The Deer Trophy from Moustache is for today's hunter-gatherers: sculpted from birch plywood, it looks impressive and ironic at the same time without harming an animal.

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