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Design children's bean bags - how to find the right model for your home

1. How to find the right children's beanbag size
2. .shapes and types
3. Material: from the cover to the filling
4. Conclusion

1. How to find the right size beanbag for children

Product subcategory child seat bags graphic normal size and child size

For toddlers to adolescents - children's bean bags are available suitable for any age of child in different sizes and shapes. The great advantage of bean bags for children is that they act as a fixed seat in the nursery, but can also be quickly relocated due to their light weight.

When choosing the right size is only to consider by whom the beanbag will be used. Is it only intended for children or should it be able to be used as a seating option for young and old in the children's room?

Product subcategory - Child seat bags - Overview of different sizes

Is the beanbag only for the little ones, plays - apart from an inviting color and an appealing motive - a size suitable for children the most important role . So the children can sink gently into it , but not sink . The size is particularly important for models that are somewhat firmer, such as a stool or as an animal motif, which can also be used as a toy.

2. Children beanbag: shapes and types

Product subcategory - children's seat bags - overview of different shapes and types

1. Fatboy - Junior beanbag | 2. Sitting Bull - Happy Zoo play animal | 3. Nobodinoz - Sahara kids beanbag | 4. Sack it - Retro i Cobana Junior Outdoor beanbag | 5. Karup Design - Nido Mini kids chair | 6. Nobodinoz - Oasis kids beanbag

From sitting to lounging to playing - the shape of the children's beanbag determines how it can be used:

  • The classic model (1) is available in numerous colors and fabrics, which can be chosen to match the children's room and your own taste. Whether sitting, lying or chilling - the classic beanbag for children does it all.
  • A beanbag with animal motif (2) is not only cute to look at and a beautiful visual enrichment for the children's room, but also suitable for playing. It is primarily suitable for toddlers up to 6 years old.
  • A typical seat cushion or floor cushion (3) is particularly practical when playing on the floor, as a soft base and to protect against a cold bottom. Age-wise, it is suitable from very small (baby) to very large (adult, e.g. for meditation) due to its generous diameter.
  • Beanbag meets armchair (4) - here the pre-shaped backrest allows you to lean more comfortably when sitting and the filling ensures a soft sinking. The comfort is therefore particularly high.
  • The armchair and lounger in one (5) are particularly flexible: because it's so easy to fold and unfold, you can either snuggle in as if in a cave or stretch out as if on a lounger. As a cuddle corner, this children's beanbag model is therefore particularly nice.
  • The lounger(6) invites with its pre-shaped backrest to lean comfortably and offers the advantage when sitting that the legs can also be made long on it. This beanbag for children is very inviting and perfect so that the little ones can make themselves comfortable with a book or radio play or take a quiet break after all the romping.
Junior beanbag Stonewashed from Fatboy

3. Material: From the cover to the filling

Basically, there is a wide range of cover fabrics and surface structures for the children's room beanbag: From corduroy and velvet to nylon to cotton and many more, the choice is large.

In addition, some manufacturers also use organic cotton or rely on the Oeko-Tex seal - so you can protect the little ones, who still like to explore everything with their mouths from harmful ingredients . The material is mostly chosen so that it is easy to clean with dirty little children's hands . In any case, it is important that the cover from the children's beanbag is removable and washable (either in the washing machine or at least by hand washing). Some models - primarily outdoor child seat bags - are even wipeable , for example, if they are made of 100% polyester.
These aspects of material care are usually already considered by the manufacturers, but it is still good to pay attention when buying.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors Feel free to reach for an outdoor-suitable model even for indoor use. So you don't have to worry if your youngest family member moves his chill and play zone outside even in changeable weather. The properties of the material can cope with anything and you won't even notice any difference from the feel of indoor fabrics - Viktoria, Interior Design Expert

The filling from the children's room beanbag is usually made of EPS balls, which means Expanded PolyStyrene and is called polystyrene balls . They have the advantage that they are particularly light and dimensionally stable . If necessary, the filling can also be filled.

Animal children beanbag lion Lobo and elephant Erik from OYOY

4. Conclusion - this is what you should pay attention to when buying design children's bean bags.

  • As a cozy seating is in the children's room a beanbag the optimal addition. Due to their low weight children's beanbags also have the advantage that they can be easily moved by the little ones.
  • Whether sitting, lying and lounging or playing - when choosing the shape of the children's beanbag, the decisive factor is how it is to be used. From the classic model to the cute beanbag with animal motif , the flexible seat cushion or floor cushion and the combination of beanbag and armchair to armchair and lounger in one as well as the exclusive lounger, each beanbag shape has its own advantages.
  • Children's beanbags are available in a wide variance of fabrics and surface structures , such as corduroy, velvet, nylon or cotton.
  • Models with the Oeko-Tex seal and a removable and washable cover are particularly recommended.
  • The filling of children's seat bags usually consists of EPS balls , which are dimensionally stable and are responsible for the low weight .

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6. Shopping advice at Connox

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