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Bottle Racks

Bottle Racks – Storing Well at Home

Wine and liquor have an elegant flair. For many people, a good drink is part of a successful evening. But there are also bottles that we save for a truly special occasion. So that your wines still taste wonderful in 10, 20 or 30 years, correct storage is important. This doesn't have to mean a wine shelf or barrel. Bottle racks are practical and expandable. This way, they adapt to you and your wine sortiment.

Bottle Racks in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits

Store Wine Correctly

Contrary to spirits, wine should be stored in a horizontal position. This allows the cork to remain moist and the wine doesn't oxidise. A bottle rack should be solid in order to protect the bottles from shocks. Furthermore, wine racks should be placed in a location that is not subject to temperature fluctuations. Anything else is detrimental to the quality of the wine. The Koziol bottle rack Set-Up is stable and expandable. It doesn't matter whether you want to use it for 20 or for 72 bottles – the modular system of Koziol adapts to your needs. In general, you should make sure that your rack is not made of wood if you are placing it in a humid location such as a wine cellar. A wood rack is sensitive to humidity and could easily begin to rot.

Storing Spirits Correctly

Spirits should be stored vertically. The corks are made of synthetic cork and are therefore looser than corks on wine bottles. This is also true for screw caps. These may be attacked by the liquid if the bottles are stored horizontally. Spirits generally keep well forever, as do liquors with alcohol contents above 30%. Anything under 30% should be consumed quickly as the quality will suffer from lengthy storage. The Bottle Shelf by Magis is made of plastic and aluminium. It can be expanded to a shelving system as you need it and it is thus suitable for nearly all bottles.

Wine Gifts

Wine is a popular gift for hosts. Keep in mind: Fine drinks should also be presented in style. The Lasso or Chain bottle holders by Peleg Design will make your wine defy gravity. Looks like magic but is actually thoughtful design. Interested in wine? Then the post Drinking wine: What to know & the greatest wine festivals on our home design blog is right for you.

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