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Storage Boxes - Aesthetic Organisation Helpers

Over the years, many things in a household accumulate. Some are useful, others less. Yet they must be stored and preferably so that the surroundings do not lose any of their aesthetic appearance. Succeed quickly and easily with a storage box.

The Storage Box in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

The Toy Box: Order in your Child's Room

Children love chaos. In their rooms, cars, dolls, pens and building blocks pile up. You mostly find the latter with your feet first. A pain that many know. So that that no longer happens in the future, there is the toy box. The Lego Storage Brick 8 makes the hearts of children and parents alike beat faster. In it, teddies and friends can find a new (orderly) home. The plastic box by Lego is stackable and available in differently coloured versions.

The Cardboard Box: Order in the Study

If you are sitting in your study, take a look around you. What do you see? Pens, paper, documents, paper clips, eraser, calculator. The list goes on. In the era of airy room concepts and furniture, it is hard to make space for the important things in everyday life. In the study, this is no different. The remedy here is a simple box that can be easily stored. It even looks decorative. The Box Box Desktop helper by Hay is available in a set of 5. Each cardboard box has its own coloured design, which matches the other four.

The All-Purpose Box: Order in the Store Room

Store rooms quickly become clutter rooms. We have too much to store. An all-purpose box is a great way to sort things. The Magis box is a stacking box with lid. It has a depth of 36 centimetres, so that even slightly larger items can easily be stored in it. Thanks to the production from polypropylene, the box is stable and durable, so it can be easily stacked and used as a shelf box.

Special Storage Container - The Storage Box on Wheels

Storage containers usually have a decisive advantage. They are mobile. This is especially good if you are engaged in activities in various places in the house. No annoying back and forth with utensils. The container follows you with every step. The Componibili containers by Kartell are classics with a thirty-year tradition. The round elements have doors that can be freely slid open and closed. Even the smallest slice of disorder thus remains protected from curious glances.

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