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Design coasters for the table - how to find the right ones

Whether as protection against liquid, heat and scratches or as stylish decoration - coasters for glasses and cups should not be missing in any household. You want to spend a nice evening with friends or family and invite them to dinner? Then chic coasters belong to a complete table decoration. In fancy designs and made of high-quality materials, they not only protect the table from dirt, but also contribute to the harmonious overall appearance of the lovingly laid table. Design coasters also prove to be practical helpers in everyday life and can be used in a variety of ways. Here you can find out what you should consider before buying.

  1. Suitable materials
  2. The right size
  3. Different shapes
  4. Conclusion

Suitable materials

Coasters for glasses are used to protect the substrate. Open-pored wood and stone surfaces absorb liquids quickly and the stains are usually impossible to remove. For shiny surfaces, such as stainless steel or glass, glass coasters save constant cleaning. Also noble tablecloths or table runners are also protected from any liquids.

Design coasters are recommended, which can be easily moved on any surface without leaving scratches. Also, when choosing the right coasters, make sure they stand properly - they should be slip-resistant and even.

Suitable materials for glass coasters

Silicone (1)

Silicone is non-slip, robust and water-repellent - the perfect prerequisites for a practical coaster for glasses. The flexible material is especially popular because it is easy and quick to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher.

Metal/stainless steel (2)

Made of stainless steel, metal coasters look elegant and are particularly heat-resistant, making them especially suitable for serving a hot cup of tea or coffee. Due to their straightforward and simple design, they fit wonderfully into any interior. The material is easy to clean. You can clean it easily with washing-up liquid and water or - depending on the model - in the dishwasher.

Wood (3)

Models made of wood convince with their natural and individual look. As wooden coasters, they provide a charming eye-catcher on the dining table and safely protect the table from dirt and scratches. Dust and dirt can be removed with a dry cloth. Use a special oil to make the treated surface of the material shine - so you can enjoy your product for many years.

Leather (4)

This noble material not only looks good. It is particularly heat-resistant and flexible. You can simply wipe away stains on the coaster with a damp cloth.

Felt (5)

The resistant and soft natural material of the felt coasters reliably protects even the most sensitive furniture surfaces from scratches. Due to the natural fat content of the wool, felt is water and dirt repellent and is therefore well suited as a glass coaster. However, it is better not to place fatty drinks such as milk here, as felt can only be optimally cleaned when dry.


This soft, natural material is characterised by its beautiful feel. Coasters made of cork are particularly slip-resistant. Cork is a very light, water-repellent material and therefore practical for use indoors.

The right size

Models with a diameter of around 10 centimetres are ideal as glass coasters or as trivets for bottles and glass carafes. You can also place smaller decorative objects such as solitaire candlesticks on them.

The right size for glass coasters

Larger pieces with a diameter of about 20 centimetres can be used flexibly. They serve as trivets for pots, as coasters for plates, vases as well as carafes. So before buying, consider what you want to use your coaster for. The thickness of the design models varies from 0.3 to 2 centimeters. Thin models, such as our coasters made of leather, are particularly light and flexible. Thicker ones protect the table from heat and moisture.

Various shapes

You can set accents with glass coasters. They serve as an extension next to place mats or placemats and come in different shapes. Round, organic, square or geometric - pick coasters that create a harmonious overall look on your table. Individual shapes lend themselves to a coherent base and to place a larger amount of bottles and snacks.

Different shapes of glass coasters

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Choose a glass coaster that fits well in the hand and either combines well with other coasters as part of a series or offers the opportunity to grow because of its shape. This way you always create a harmonious picture - on the side table as well as at the big table." - Viktoria, interior design expert


  • Use coasters to avoid staining the surface.
  • What is your decorating style? Pick coasters that match your decor.
  • Opt for materials that are non-slip and easy to clean.
  • Think about what you want to put on the coasters and choose the right size.

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