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Trivets - what you should consider when buying.

Design trivet - how to find the right model for your home.

1. Shapes and sizes
2. Additional functions and features
3. Material
4. Conclusion

1. Shapes and sizes

PUK_Glass Coaster_Size Ratio

Unlike placemats or glass coasters, trivets usually do not serve as a design element at the laid table, but serve primarily a practical purpose: namely, the heat protection for tabletops and tablecloth . The following applies: The thicker the trivet, the greater the distance between the tabletop and the cooking pot. Even if the trivet is significantly smaller than the pot, it still achieves an effect and less heat is thus dissipated to the table surface. However, as the size of the trivet increases, more of the hot surface is covered and heat is trapped.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Trivets can be used in addition to hot pots also similar to trays and serve as a visual frame for various home accessories or simply protect delicate surfaces from water and wax stains." - Viktoria, Interior Design Expert

As numerous as the sizes of trivets are, so are the shapes.
Round trivets are the classic option. They come in numerous sizes and are often available in sets.

The Zone Denmark - Triangle Coaster

Square trivets have the great advantage that they can be expanded very well , which makes them a design element on the table setting and do not have to be hidden

Trivets with patterns and colors also invite you to arrange them playfully and can give a set table a special touch .

2. Additional functions and features

Trivet additional functions
1. side by side - Trivet-S | 2. Normann Copenhagen - Rainbow Trivet | 3. Eva Solo - Nordic Kitchen Trivet | 4. Siebensachen - Hexagon Trivet | 5. Eva Solo - SmartMat | 6. Eva Solo - Trivet with wheels

No matter whether the choice falls on a trivet in the modern, playful or noble design - many models come with special extras :
Extendable trivets (1) are very practical, because you can adjust the size to the respective cooking pot and thus save the purchase of trivets in different sizes.
Collapsible models (2) can be stored particularly space-saving in the drawer and magnetic trivets (3) remain on the cooking pot, even if it is lifted. If these are additionally equipped with castors (6) , moving heavy pots on the table is suddenly child's play.
Not to be forgotten are interlocking sets (4) , which have the advantage that for each pot size the appropriate trivet is there or they can be fitted together exactly.
There are also models with practical multiple use (5) e.g. as a tablet or smartphone holder.

3. Material

Trivet material
1. Zone Denmark - Triangle Coaster | 2. myfelt - Trivet | LinDNA - Trivet Hot Mat 3. Eva Solo - SmartMat | 4. Marimekko - Joonas Coaster | 5. Broste Copenhagen - Orla Coaster | 6. Ferm Living - Pond Coaster

Many different materials are suitable for protection from heat:
Trivets made of Silicone(1) are particularly popular because they are robust, easy to clean - some are even dishwasher safe - and gentle on surfaces.

Textile coasters made of jute, felt and leather (2) are very soft, which particularly protects the table surface from scratches and signs of use. However, felt and jute can only be cleaned when dry - beware of grease residues! An exception to this is leather, which can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and is therefore easier to care for.

Trivets made of wood (3) are not only very sustainable and robust, but also fit with their natural material particularly well to a country house table.

Models made of cork (4) are slip-resistant and water-repellent and also have a beautiful feel with their natural material.

Stoneware coasters (5) are particularly decorative due to their surface texture in combination with their color and possible painting. Even when not in use, they are a beautiful eye-catcher on the countertop.

Trivets made of metal/ stainless steel (6) are easy to clean, particularly heat-resistant and look very classy. They go particularly well with a modern-minimalist table setting.

4. Conclusion - this is what you should consider when buying design trivets.

  • Trivets protect tabletops and tablecloths from heat and are therefore - in contrast to glass coasters or placemats - above all practical.
  • The larger or thicker the trivet, the more heat it can absorb.
  • In addition to classic round trivets, there are also angular models or fancy shapes that can be used as an additional design element for the table.
  • Some trivets also have additional functions: From extendable and collapsible models, to magnetic and multifunctional trivets, to trivets with wheels or in sets, everything is available.
  • The choice of materials for trivets is very diverse: while natural materials such as cork, wood or earthenware are very decorative, textile trivets impress with their pleasant feel. Trivets made of silicone and stainless steel are particularly robust.

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