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Kitchen Timers

The Kitchen Timer – A Household Tool with History

Do you know why we also call kitchen timers egg timers? Hourglasses were used as early as the Middle Ages to measure time: Since sand wasn't readily available everywhere, people used ground eggshells. The shells behaved similarly to sand. The name "egg timer" has stuck in some homes even in the times of electronic kitchen clocks. At 27 years, the Duck Timer by Alessi isn't nearly as old as the kitchen timer. Nonetheless, it is part of the Eerno Aarnio design history. The Finnish designer's works are some of the most famous of the 60s. By the way, the duck's quacking is quite funny, too.

Kitchen Timers in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits

Punctuality with Kitchen Timers – Observation Unnecessary

Sunday afternoon – you have invited your loved ones over to eat, the wine is in the fridge, the roast is in the oven. – Oh no! That's when it happens. You forget the time of the roast and the meat is burnt. Hours of work for nothing. This is frustrating. A timer prevents this from happening again. The Graves Kitchen Timer by Alessi ensures that you are at the stove on time. The Kitchen Timer offers the possibility to set a timer up to 60 minutes. The screw on top of the timer is similar to that found on other products by Michael Graves.

Form follows Function

Kitchen timers are practical and have a purpose – that's for sure. Nonetheless, many people are frustrated that they take up space on counters or in kitchens. Not so with the Magnetic Kitchen Timer by Eva Solo. It can be attached to your fridge door, extractor hood, and anywhere there are metal surfaces. This way, your cooking times are always at eye level and the timer doesn't take up extra space.

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