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Salad Servers

Salad Servers: the Right Utensils for Each Salad

Whether summer or winter: salads are a must all year round. In the evening as a light meal or as an accompaniment to different courses. It does not matter which salad it is - they are all served with salad servers. If you have already served a dressed salad with everyday cutlery, you will know how tricky it is. The fork and tablespoon are too short so they quickly slip back into the bowl. With proper salad utensils, this can be avoided.

Salad Servers in the Interior Design Shop - Your advantages at a glance

Salad Servers: Different Materials, Different Possibilities

Different materials represent different styles: rustic, classic elegant or modern. It is up to you whether you want to use your salad set to complement your table design or to act as a skillful break in style. Either way, the Connox salad utensils always meet the highest standards of quality.

Salad Servers out of Wood: The salad utensils out of wood look natural and are visually appealing alongside the salad's fresh ingredients. When caring for the wood, be sure to rinse the spoons by hand as the hot temperatures and long humidity in the dishwasher will cause damage. This results in swelling and unattractive cracks. Clean your cutlery with a damp cloth and scouring milk. Olive oil is also also a great treatment to keep the wooden utensils in good condition. Simply rub it in with a piece of kitchen roll so that the wood does not begin to smell or absorb unpleasant tastes.

Stainless Steel Salad Servers: Stainless steel spoons are characterised by their robust appearance and durability. Stainless steel cutlery is also dishwasher safe. Iittala or Mono Salad Servers are amongst the classics. Thanks to the simple and organic shape, the utensils fit in perfectly with any style of table.

Salad Serving Set made of Plastic: Salad serving sets made of plastic have the advantage of being available in a variety of colours. In addition, plastic is dishwasher safe, which facilitates the cleaning. The Bistro Salad Servers from Bodum also have a rubber cover over the plastic handles. This makes for a better feel and adds a colourful touch to the otherwise simple two-piece salad set.

Why not buy your salad servers online and have them delivered comfortably to your own home with Connox!