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Salad Bowls

Salad bowls - salad creations elegantly presented

Salad bowls are inseparable from our tableware. They exist in various shapes, materials and colours, thus meeting your every requirement. Whether transportability, classic design or well thought-out design with added value. Let yourself be surprised by our selection and be inspired.

Salad bowls in our interior design shop - your advantages at a glance

Salad bowls - a matter of material

Plastic: salad bowls made of plastic are highly suitable for transporting salads or other meals. The material is extremely versatile in its shape and colour. The Leaf bowl by Koziol mimics the shape of a leaf and brings any salad creation to life perfectly. Particularly practical: salad servers are integrated perfectly into the extended shape of the bowl and create a fresh colour contrast.

Melamine: a salad bowl made of melamine is extremely robust and durable. It also provides the advantage that families with children will appreciate. Melamine produces little noise, not even the annoying 'dish clatter'. Also, melamine, now marketed as the new 21st century porcelain, is dishwasher-proof. We have salad bowls made of melamine both subdued, like the Synthesis bowl by Rosti Mepal, as well as standout, like the Hands On Salad Bowl by Joseph Joseph.

Glass: glass serving bowls bring out their creations in a special way as you can see what you've cooked through the glass. The Pavina salad bowl by Bodum has a diameter of 22 cm and is equipped with a coloured silicone ring in the centre. It offers a stable hold on the otherwise smooth glass and stops the bowl from unintentionally slipping.

Stainless steel: salad bowls made of stainless steel are subdued in shape and look elegant. Their gloss makes the dish an eye-catcher and skilful break in style on festively set-out tables. The Stelton salad bowl consists exclusively of stainless steel. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1967 and produced since 1972 by Stelton - a design classic.

Wood: wooden salad bowls are an ideal match with the naturalness of lettuce. The grain of different types of wood brings individuality to each dining table. The Kontra fruit and salad bowl by Stelton impresses with its contrast between bamboo wood and polished stainless steel. With a diameter of 29 cm, it offers enough space for lots of salad.

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