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Vitra - Rotary Tray  Vitra - Rotary Tray from £36.00 *Hay - Kaleido Tray M  Hay - Kaleido Tray M from £25.00 *Philippi - Mesh Bowl  Philippi - Mesh Bowl from £21.00 *Stelton - Kontra Fruits and Salad Bowl -43% Stelton - Kontra Fruits and Salad Bowl RRP £155.00 £87.90 *Hay - Kaleido Tray XS Hay - Kaleido Tray XS from £10.00 *by Lassen - Kubus Bowl by Lassen - Kubus Bowl from £123.00 *Stelton - Theo mini bowls Stelton - Theo mini bowls £27.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Heima Plate Normann Copenhagen - Heima Plate £30.25 *Hay - Tray Hay - Tray from £13.00 *Hay - Kaleido Tray XL Hay - Kaleido Tray XL from £45.00 *Menu - Norm Wire Bowl Menu - Norm Wire Bowl from £39.95 *side by side - Fruit Bowl Oh Lá Lá side by side - Fruit Bowl Oh Lá Lá £40.00 *Iittala - Aalto Bowl Iittala - Aalto Bowl from £22.00 *Stelton - Embrace Fruits Basket Stelton - Embrace Fruits Basket £97.00 *Black + Blum - Fruit Loop Black + Blum - Fruit Loop £40.00 *Holmegaard - Design with light candle plate Holmegaard - Design with light candle plate £58.50 *Delica - Lorea Fruit Basket Delica - Lorea Fruit Basket £44.00 *MoMA Collection - Satellite Bowl MoMA Collection - Satellite Bowl from £47.00 *Holmegaard - Design with light glass bowl -20% Holmegaard - Design with light glass bowl from RRP £33.50 £26.80 *Georg Jensen - HK Bonbonniere Turnip Georg Jensen - HK Bonbonniere Turnip from £70.00 *Georg Jensen - Henning Koppel Bonbonniere Georg Jensen - Henning Koppel Bonbonniere £150.00 *Alessi - Blow Up Bowl Alessi - Blow Up Bowl £65.00 *Alessi - Fruit basket "370" Alessi - Fruit basket "370" from £75.00 *Holmegaard - Selandia -50% Holmegaard - Selandia from RRP £100.00 £50.00 *Alessi - Trinity Basket Alessi - Trinity Basket from £69.95 *Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Bowl Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Bowl from £20.00 *Iittala - Aalto Bowl 75 mm Iittala - Aalto Bowl 75 mm from £36.00 *Menu - Échasse Bowl Menu - Échasse Bowl £239.95 *Iittala - Ultima Thule bowls Iittala - Ultima Thule bowls from £14.00 *Koziol - Eve bowl Koziol - Eve bowl from £18.00 *Philippi - Cocoon Fruit Bowl Philippi - Cocoon Fruit Bowl £88.00 *Alessi - Dear Charlie Banana Holder Alessi - Dear Charlie Banana Holder £75.00 *Skultuna - Ballerina Bowl Skultuna - Ballerina Bowl from £56.00 *Officina Alessi - Opus Centrepiece Officina Alessi - Opus Centrepiece £159.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Nic Nac Organizer 4 Normann Copenhagen - Nic Nac Organizer 4 from £36.25 *Korn - Kar Concrete Bowl Korn - Kar Concrete Bowl £53.00 *

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Designer Bowl: A Cute Highlight and not only in the Kitchen

A bowl in different shapes and designs belongs to every modern household. It is a trendy eye-catcher on every table, is good for the decorative storage of fruits and vegetables, can be equipped with all sorts of things for decoration purposes and be put into focus. In the winter traditionally with candles or pine cones, in autumn flowers in warm tones or bright with lot of greenery in the summer. From natural materials to papier maché and light fabrics: bowls can be designed flexibly and to suit all tastes, and are a special eye-catcher - not only in the kitchen. Also available very simply and without additional elements, the designer bowls from Connox have an exceptional appearance and perfectly match the style of rooms or consciously differentiate themselves through striking design. Perhaps opt for a visual highlight and choose a decorative bowl that meets your highest expectations.Whatever your ideas of the perfect designer bowl may look like: in our shop you will find many suggestions that are a perfect decoration for your next festive table setting.

When Functionality meets Design

Bowls in all sizes and designs belong to every household. They come individually to use depending on functionality and even complement cooking pots, pans and the like. However, high functionality and a chic design are not mutually exclusive, even in a simple bowl. Whether as a fruit bowl, serving bowl or salad bowl, there are many ways to skillfully put these into focus. Combine the bowl with exotic fruits and create new highlights with new colours and structures. Or keep it simple, to keep the focus on the bowl.Just take a look at our range and a closer look the models by Hay, Iittala and by Lassen. You will surely find the favourites that best match your idea of design and function.

It all depends on the Material

Of course your bowl material plays an important role. A robust wooden shell has a rustic look and is a slick break in style on your table if you decorate it with delicate porcelain. Glass dishes look very decorative on every table, depending on their nature they are even fire-resistant and can be used in the oven. Particularly robust are models made of stainless steel, such as the classic stainless steel bowl. It looks great and is a visual eye-catcher even when used daily. The Kubus Bowl from by Lassen delights the eye and the palate, and is very versatile. You’ll surely find a bowl in our range for every purpose and application.

Designer bowls in our interior design shop – your advantages at a glance

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