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Decorate Your Home with Unique Accessories

Ideal as housewarming gifts or thoughtful Christmas presents, our carefully curated selection of decorative accessories for the home is here to inspire you.
A small accessory adds a touch of personality to any corner of your home, whether it's a wooden animal perched on the edge of a bookshelf, a row of glass votives running along the mantlepiece, or a mismatched collection of quirky cacti on the windowsill.

Wooden Accessories: Figurines and Animal Sculptures

Sculptures made from painted or varnished wood bring us back to nature and make up a big part of Scandinavian style. Kay Bojesen's wooden animals range from the cheeky monkey to the row of colourful sparrows to a practical, pencil-holding hippopotamus. And it's not just Kay Bojesen who has designed some beautiful wooden decorative accessories: wood is a material loved by many designers, popular not only for its natural essence but also for the unique way that its colour and pattern varies from piece to piece and even changes gradually over time, often subtly darkening and taking on a richer colour the longer it is displayed. The Wooden Hand by Hay is a playful design that can be put to practical use - it can display jewellery or hold stationery between its elegant fingers.

Decorating with Glass Ornaments and Votives

Glass votives are definitely a favourite when it comes to thoughtful gifts and housewarming presents. Whether used as vases for tiny succulents, as tealight holders for housing flickering candlelight, or simply by themselves as decorative accessories, these glass designs add a subtle light play to any surface. Iittala's Kastehelmi collection is a beautiful example of patterned glass decor.

Porcelain Cacti and the Pineapple Trend

In recent years, playful motifs have been trending across brands when it comes to decorative accessories. Representing the fun and bright spirit of the summer, pineapples have hit the mainstream running over the last couple of years, with their unmistakeable shape, geometric shell pattern and bright colours adorning homes across the country. Bloomingville are a prime example of the beautiful and unique accessories that have come from this trend, with their ceramic Decorative Pineapple available in a range of colours, from bright metal tones to a matte cool grey.
Growing in popularity a little way after the pineapple is the cactus, which is forecast to become more and more popular over the coming months. Both Hay and Bloomingville have released fun cactus designs, and a quick look around reveals the cactus trend spreading, with everything from cactus fruit bowls to cactus toothpick holders!