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Wardrobe or Console - design isn't a question of room size

Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom - we're bubbling over with ideas on how we can embellish these spaces. There's one room that we often forget - the hallway. It's the business card of the building and home, the first thing guests see. Furnishing a hallway stylishly isn't easy. Shoes, jackets, hats, bags - a lot has to be stowed in it without cluttering the entrance area. A console and wardrobe with functional design are the remedy for this!

Consoles in our interior design shop - your advantages

Four Tips for the Perfect Small Wardrobe

Choosing the right wardrobe furniture is dependent on the entrance itself. There are a few general things that you should be aware of.
1. If your floor does not have natural lighting, dark furniture should be avoided. Bright tones and wood, such as white and oak are ideal. In this case, a good choice is the FUWL Cage Shelf by Menu. Keys, letters or glasses have their own place on top. Down in the basket scarves and caps join company.
2. In a small corridor, delicate furniture is the right choice. Closed elements take the space's airiness and your free movement. The Tojo Find console has two different shelves and is made of MDF with a white coating of melanin. Owing to its narrow shape it fits into small niches.
3. Make yourself a list of things to be stored in the area before setting up your small wardrobe. This way you can estimate how much storage space you need. Everything has its place and later disorder doesn't stand a chance.
4. Secret tip folding furniture: you stand on one leg, shaking terribly, and try to put on one of your shoes. A seat would be nice though would take too much space. The solution: The Cutter folding seat from Skagerak. It creates space where there was none before. The seat can be put up and down to save space.

Create Storage Space with Simple Tricks

Not only in the entrance area is storage space important. In other rooms it creates order and is the basis of stylish ambience. Interested in creating storage space without wasting space for a storage closet? On our interior design blog, we have the post 'Amazing space: 7 tips for more storage space' for you.

Want to combine an efficiently furnished small wardrobe and console with design? Then buy your favourites online in our interior design shop and have them delivered conveniently to your home in just a few workdays!