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Shoe Storage

Shoe Shelf: Design for putting your Shoes in Focus - Space-saving and Decorative

Shoes - a special passion for women, a useful fashion accessory for men. The differences in meaning make it clear: the expectations of a shoe shelf are broad. It has to be subdued and put ladies' shoes into focus. It has to be space-saving and disappear unremarkably behind the door. It has to be decorative and be in harmony with the furniture. It has to be practical and store as many shoes as possible. Designers the whole world over have taken on the challenges of a modern shoe rack and you'll find the best designs here in our shop. Find the shoe rack that matches you and your home!

Shoe Storage in our Designer Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance:

The Wooden Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are usually an ungrateful piece of furniture - absolutely necessary, though often hardly decorative and made of metal or plastic. Wood enhances the shoe rack. The natural material is visually restrained, blends into the furnishing and can also simply disappear behind the door if necessary. When compared to metals, wood is very discreet in colour. The manufacturer Norrmade combines a wooden frame on his shoe rack with struts made of powder-coated steel. An appealing contrast. The steel struts are also particularly resistant as a shoe rack.

Shoe Shelves for Purists - Made of Metal

We have very purist shoe shelves, where you can simply slide in your shoes. This shoe rack is almost entirely in the background, letting your shoe stand fade into the background. j-me offers such a shoe rack with Nest. In a small space, the shoe stand combines seven pairs of shoes. Also, Rada by Frost is space-saving. Lingerie and high heels are stored in this slim wall shelf with a steel tube in front of the heel. Men's and flat shoes can be brought forward for storage.

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