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Table legs and trestles - this is what you should consider when purchasing

  1. Advantages of free table substructures
  2. Table substructures at a glance
  3. The right height
  4. The right model for the table shape
  5. Conclusion

1. Advantages of free table substructures

Instead of choosing a ready-made table, create your own design furniture piece by purchasing the table top and the table base independently. This way, you can assemble a unique table that fits your space and individual needs.

PUK table legs, table trestles

The advantage of free table substructures is the flexibility and individuality in furnishing. When usage requirements change, a dining table flexibly becomes a workstation. And if premises change when you move, then all that is needed is a table top in a new size. In addition, the size can be selected down to the centimetre.

2. Table substructures at a glance

A table consists of a table top and a table substructure. There are various table substructures from which you can choose.

Table legs and trestles made of metal and wood
1. TipToe - Table and desk leg | 2. The Hansen Family - Mika table trestle | 3. Magis - Brut table trestles | 4. String - Works height adjustable table frame

If your choice falls on single design table legs, then you need at least four pieces (1). Depending on the table width and length, even six legs. In addition, the more delicate the table top, the more table legs should be used. The legs are usually connected directly to the table top, i.e. screwed or glued.

An alternative is Table trestles (2 & 3), which are usually available in sets of 2. Table trestles connect two table legs so that the construction is more stable and can stand on its own. Depending on the model, the table top can then also just be placed on top and does not require a fixed connection to the table trestles . Some trestles are height adjustable .

A table frame (4) is a frame in which all four legs are connected by a substructure, also called a frame. This makes a metal table frame very stable . The choice of table top is limited because the size and shape is dictated by the frame. Partly table frames are height adjustable .

Another option is the center leg . It is a single element that is placed centrally under the table top. Due to the leverage effect, it is essential to observe the correct size of the table top.

Table legs and trestles made of metal or wood

The Mika table trestle by Hans Hansen with glass top in Scandinavian style

Table legs made of wood are tried and tested, durable and robust . Table legs or a table frame made of metal allow for a more delicate design, but at the same time are just as stable and have a high load capacity . They are painted in various colours and are easy to clean.

3. How high do table legs have to be?

The height depends primarily on what kind of table it is. Different heights should be chosen depending on the intended use. However, also consider the height of the people using the table, legroom and the height of the chairs available.

The overall height of the designer table is determined by the height of the table legs and the thickness of the table top. Depending on the table substructure, the height of the frame should also be added.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "When designing your personal table, it is essential to consider the thickness of the table top in addition to the height of the table substructure. For example, dining tables usually have a height of about 75 cm. Therefore, make sure that the table top in conjunction with the table frame allows you to sit comfortably while eating or working." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Low table trestles for a bench should be no higher than 45 cm. This is the same as the regular sitting height at the table. Coffee tables have a similar height, so here you could vary between bench and coffee table if needed.

For the common dining or desk, the table trestles and table top should be selected so that together they give a height of about 75 cm. In addition, table trestles should not be placed too far apart to ensure stability.

PUK table legs, table trestles

Typical bar and high tables have a height of 105 - 110 cm. More and more often, however, there are also bar stools with a seat height of approx. 65 cm, which corresponds to the intermediate dimension between dining table and high table. Furthermore, you can also orientate yourself on the height of your kitchen worktop.

4. The right model for the table shape

Table substructure

The table substructure,table legs or table trestles are selected according to the table length and width.

It should be noted in particular that the table substructure is a major factor in determining the seating arrangement.Open triangular arrangements allow seating at the head ends, which is why this variant is becoming increasingly popular. In addition, this shape provides stability for long tables.

Mingle table top with base by ferm Living
1. Table top Ø 130 cm, Substructure W 68 | 2. Table top L 150 cm, Substructure W 48 | 3. Table top L 220 cm, Substructure W 68 | 4. Table top L 210 cm, Substructure W 68

Table top

The table top should match the base and can be round, oval, square or rectangular. When choosing the material, in addition to visual aspects, attention should also be paid to the thickness and weight of the table top as well as the load-bearing capacity of the table substructure.

Mingle table top and base with Sculpt Vase Corset

Table tops made of marble, ceramic or metal are stable and insensitive. Wood is just as stable, but may require maintenance. Glass is easy to clean and modern . Table tops with a plastic coating are easy to clean and available in different surface designs.

5. Conclusion

  • The free choice of table legs and top allows for individual design. Free table substructures are flexible and customizable.
  • If you choose single table legs, you will need at least four. More stable alternatives are table trestles or table frames, which do not always require a fixed connection to the table top.
  • Table legs made of wood are durable and sturdy. Table trestles made of metal are more delicate, yet sturdy and have a high load capacity.
  • The overall height of the designer table is determined by the height of the table legs and the thickness of the table top. A bench or coffee table should not be higher than 45 cm, a dining table or desk should have a height of approx. 75 cm and bar or high tables vary between 105 and 110 cm. Also consider the individual height of the people, the legroom and the height of the chairs.
  • The table frame is a major deciding factor in the seating arrangement, with open triangular arrangements allowing people to sit at their heads.

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