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Side Tables: Design Highlights for Every Room

Hardly another piece of furniture is as functional and flexible as the side table – this is proven by numerous designs of famous creators all over the world. Different rooms, places and intentions demand different functions and looks. This is the reason why the side table is the playground of innovative design. Whether couch table, bedside table or tray – find the perfect side table for your home in the Connox home design shop. Discover out assortment and be inspired by it!

Designer Side Tables in the Interior Design Shop – An Overview of Your Advantages:

Trenty Tables: Each Room needs its Individual Side Table

Everyone knows the classic side table as couch table in the living room. Moreover the side table is used in many different rooms of the house: in the bedroom, the children's room, the corridor, the kitchen and even on the balcony. It is a visual highlight in every corner. According to the purpose it has and the room it is in, the side tables of the home design shop serve as trays, they have hidden compartments for charging cables and similar or lateral pockets for magazines. They are combinable, pliable and beautiful when they are alone. Our side tables are elegant like the Hay Tray Table, slightly rustic like the Tojo Cube bedside table, Nordic like the Normann Copenhagen Tablo or classic like the ClassiCon Adjustable Table E1027. The different materials ensure different appearances. Side tables have long ended being only utility furniture pieces; they are decoration elements and home accessories. Find side tables in every colour and for every style in here.

The Couch Table – The Classic Piece for the Living Room

Fix part of every living room is the couch table. It serves as practical tray for magazines, remote controls, drinks and snacks next to or in front of the couch. When it is decorated with fresh flowers or selected accessories, side tables add comfort and beauty to the living room. Couch tables aren't that big anymore, they are replaced by combinations of smaller tables. These ones make the ambience more cool, look playful and they are movable and easily emphasized if desired. The so-called "tray tables" are becoming more popular – practical side tables, combining table and tray, like the Tray Table of Hay and the Tray Table of Auerberg.

The Side Table as Bedside Table – Design for the Bedroom

The classic square bedside table with a little drawer is also part of the masses. Weightless side tables like the Hay DLM table or the Yeh wall table are modern today. An also minimalistic alternative are stool-like tables, like the Hay Elephant Table. They often add a playful flair to functional and linearly furnished bedrooms, offering enough space for alarm clocks, reading lamps and books that way. This is how a separation of couch and side table, bedside table or stool isn't really necessary, since side tables have the same function in every room. Stools also offer additional seats to visitors.

A suitable side table for every furnishing style is easy to find: in white, black, brown or coloured, out of beech wood, oak wood or walnut. Also the selection of the shape and the material is large. From classic round or edged to innovative design models, there is something suitable for every taste.