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ferm Living - Jute Rug Triangle ferm Living - Jute Rug Triangle from £38.00 *ferm Living - Jute Rug Black Dots ferm Living - Jute Rug Black Dots from £38.00 *Hay Pinocchio Carpet Hay Pinocchio Carpet from £218.00 *Hay - Peas Carpet Soft Grey Hay - Peas Carpet Soft Grey from £435.00 *ferm Living - Kelim Rug Squares ferm Living - Kelim Rug Squares from £99.00 *Bloomingville - Mongolian Sheepskin Rug Bloomingville - Mongolian Sheepskin Rug from £115.00 *Pappelina - Noa Reversible Rug (70 cm) Pappelina - Noa Reversible Rug (70 cm) from £35.00 *Remember - Runner Rug Remember - Runner Rug from £36.00 *Bloomingville - Tibetan Sheepskin Rug Bloomingville - Tibetan Sheepskin Rug £115.00 *Bloomingville - Rug Bloomingville - Rug £155.00 *Bloomingville - Nature Rug round Bloomingville - Nature Rug round from £85.00 *ferm Living - Nomad Rug 60 x 90 cm ferm Living - Nomad Rug 60 x 90 cm from £44.00 *ferm Living - Kelim Rug Semicircle ferm Living - Kelim Rug Semicircle from £79.00 *Hay - Peas Carpet Medium Grey Hay - Peas Carpet Medium Grey from £159.00 *ferm Living - Kelim Rug Section ferm Living - Kelim Rug Section from £79.00 *Pappelina - Rex Reversible Rug (70 cm) Pappelina - Rex Reversible Rug (70 cm) from £40.00 *Pappelina - Honey Reversible Rug (70 cm) Pappelina - Honey Reversible Rug (70 cm) from £108.00 *Hay - S&B Paper Carpet Hay - S&B Paper Carpet from £99.00 *Design House Stockholm - Björk Rug Design House Stockholm - Björk Rug from £154.00 *myfelt - Lotte rug round myfelt - Lotte rug round from £202.00 *Pappelina - Viggo One (70 cm) Pappelina - Viggo One (70 cm) from £35.00 *Pappelina - Vera Reversible Rug (70 cm) Pappelina - Vera Reversible Rug (70 cm) from £62.00 *Hay - S&B Dot Carpet Hay - S&B Dot Carpet from £745.00 *Muuto - Varjo Carpet Muuto - Varjo Carpet from £519.00 *Hay - Peas Carpet Dark Grey Hay - Peas Carpet Dark Grey £435.00 *ferm living - Kelim Rug Black Lines ferm living - Kelim Rug Black Lines from £99.00 *myfelt - Lotte rug rectangular myfelt - Lotte rug rectangular from £202.00 *Born in Sweden - Rug Tom Born in Sweden - Rug Tom £189.00 *Hartô - Jane Rug Hartô - Jane Rug £720.00 *Muuto - Ply Rug 170 x 240cm Muuto - Ply Rug 170 x 240cm from £599.00 *Muuto - Ply Rug 85 x 140cm Muuto - Ply Rug 85 x 140cm from £195.00 *Hay - Two Ways Rug Hay - Two Ways Rug from £209.00 *Pappelina - Mono Rug (60 cm) Pappelina - Mono Rug (60 cm) from £75.00 *Pappelina - Bob Rug (70 cm) Pappelina - Bob Rug (70 cm) from £82.00 *Pappelina - Duo Rug (85 cm) Pappelina - Duo Rug (85 cm) from £166.00 *Hey Sign - Rectangular Carpet Hey Sign - Rectangular Carpet from £428.00 *

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Pinocchio Carpet from Hay

Design Rugs – Exceptional, Simple or Comfortable

Rugs serve us to cover walls and floors since many centuries. There aren’t many houses without any rugs today. The practical piece meanwhile became a furnishing item, which doesn’t only unify functional advantages, but also apparent characteristics. Discover the pretty rugs and the newest trends for your home and be inspired by our ideas!

Rugs in the Interior Design Shop – an Overview of your Benefits

Orient Rugs – As If They Came Out of The Arabian Nights

A rug adds warmth and comfort to our homes. The combination of classic rugs and modern furniture is very interesting. The manufacturer fatboy included a modern rug into its assortment, with the trendy Orient style. The reduced patterns and colour combinations transform the traditional Persian rug into a real collector’s piece. The rug with its Persian appearance wonderfully suits modern furniture, offering a homely atmosphere to them.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

One of the most ancient methods of producing a rugis the knotting technique. Since the single yarns are knotted by hand, the knots are very close to each other. This makes the rugs soft and dirt-repellent. The knotting technique is ideally suitable for elaborated patterns in the rug. The designer Simon Legald created the hand-knotted rugs collection Oona for Normann Copenhagen. These ones play with forms and contrasts and they are characterised by their clear and graphic appearance.

Woven Rugs

Woven rugs ornament walls and floors since a long time. These textiles inspired the manufacturer ferm living so that the Kelim Rugs emerged. These ones are also produced with weaving techniques, like their ancestors. The woven rugs are made by hand, which is the reason why each rug is unique. That’s the reason why the woven pattern varies from rug t rug, making each piece unique.

Rugs made with Tufting Technology

Tufting is the technique with which three-dimensional textile surfaces are produced. It is the most used technique to produce floor rugs all over the world. The design of the Ruckstuhl Palm Leaf rug is characterised by its three-dimensional effect. The curves and lines on the rug are slightly raised by the tufting technique. The elevation and deepening of the lines looks great and it is pleasant to our feet.

Clean and Care – For Rugs to Last Longer

Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is important for the maintenance of every rug. To clean with a vacuum cleaner is even the most affordable method. Spots on your rug should be removed immediately. This is mostly achieved with mild shampoos and lukewarm water. Please note the care instructions of your rug before you clean it, to be sure not to make any mistake. The care instructions are often under the rug. A professional cleaning of your rug is suggestable every year or every two years, that will make it last for a long time.

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