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Pendant luminaires - how to find the right pendant luminaire for your home

  1. The optimal size and height for every room
  2. Lighting mood in the room: illuminants and diffusion
  3. Installation options and mounting variety
  4. Conclusion - you have to consider this when buying pendant luminaires

1. The optimal size and height for every room

Living room
In the living room, a pendant luminaire is primarily used to illuminate the room optimally. In small living rooms, a single-lamp luminaire with only one light source is often sufficient, while in rooms from 20 m² upwards a multi-lamp luminaire is recommended for more brightness.
An artistically voluminously designed and low-hanging pendant luminaire is particularly effective in old buildings with high ceilings and can be used as a decorative element in the room.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Large rooms have large ceiling areas, which often stand in the way of the living ambience with their emptiness. With large-diameter pendant luminaires, the room can be more tightly combined, the comfort factor increased and an obvious highlight set." Viktoria, furnishing expert

It is important that the pendant luminaire is hung high enough in the room so that even tall people can walk under it without bumping their heads. A minimum height of 2 m shall be used as a guide.

Petite Friture - Vertigo pendant lamp

Pendant luminaires with a flat lampshade are a nice alternative for classic ceiling luminaires in standard room heights. They optically stretch the room in height and bring a new level into otherwise unused emptiness.

In low living rooms it is also possible to play with low suspended pendant luminaires as spotlights. A low-hanging luminaire is always the right choice if you want to illuminate and highlight individual pieces of designer furniture.

Dining room
In the dining room there is space for pendant lights above the dining table. Here you should make sure that the luminaire provides a relaxed lighting atmosphere and does not emit too bright light. The height of the pendant luminaire can be determined from the height of the table. We recommend a distance of 60-70 cm between the table top and the lower edge of the pendant luminaire so that the luminaire does not disturb eye contact between people sitting opposite it.

New Works - Margin pendant light

Petite Friture - Cherry pendant lamp

Long panels also make it possible to arrange several pendant luminaires above the dining table. The luminaires can be mounted in clusters or at different heights.

Suspended in series, the number of pendant luminaires depends on the length of the dining table. The size of the luminaires and the strength of the light source should always be taken into account, so that the information in the following diagram is only a rough guide.

Cirque pendant light from Louis Poulsen

In the kitchen, pendant luminaires can be hung classically in the middle of the room, but can also be fitted directly above the kitchen unit to provide light for cooking and baking. As a guideline for height, we recommend a distance of 70-80 cm between the worktop and the luminaire, depending on the height of the user. This means that you do not look directly at the luminaire and at the same time avoid glare from the light.

PUK pendant luminaires

As an alternative to the classic hanging in the middle of the bedroom, pendant luminaires can also be used next to the bed as a night light. Especially adjustable pendant luminaires with a rotating shade, such as the Le Klint Carronade pendant spot, can create different lighting moods. Thus the luminaire can illuminate the room as well as provide light for reading. At the same time, the pendant luminaire becomes a decorative element in the room that creates cosiness and warmth.

PUK pendant luminaires

2. Lighting atmosphere in the room: illuminants and diffusion

Light scattering
The type of screen and thus the light output of the lamps have a decisive influence on the atmosphere in a room. Pendant luminaires with an opaque lampshade (1) and a lower opening are perfect for direct lighting of tables. Bright spotlights (2) set specific accents and, together with a filament lamp, provide retro flair.

A decorative luminaire (3) consisting of numerous small lamps can be used to create a cosy atmosphere in the room, whereby the luminaire becomes an integral part of the furnishings. Pendant luminaires with matt lampshades and diffuse light (4) are ideal for gently illuminating living rooms without dazzling.

PUK pendant luminaires

1. Flos - Skygarden Pendant Light | 2. &Tradition - Mega Bulb pendant lamp | 3. Moooi - Heracleum pendant lamp | 4. Foscarini - Gregg pendant lamp

Light colour
When choosing a light source, it is also advisable to pay attention to the light colour. Neutral white and warm white light sources are well suited for illumination in living, dining and sleeping areas or wherever you want to make yourself comfortable. Cold white light can be used wherever you want to concentrate on your work and need bright, daylight-like lighting. Cold white light also provides the ideal lighting mood in the bathroom.

PUK pendant luminaires

LED illuminant
LED lamps offer very low energy consumption and an extremely long service life of 1 5.,000 - 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 14-45 years with a burning time of approx. 3 hours per day. This makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to technically outdated light bulbs and halogen lamps. Depending on the model, LED light sources are dimmable - this means lower power consumption and lower CO2 emissions compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lamps are now available for almost any base, making replacement easy.

In some lights the illuminants are fixed. Further information can be found on the respective product page.

3. Installation options and mounting variety

In order to bring a pendant luminaire to the ceiling, classical installation is no longer absolutely necessary. Today, various manufacturers offer numerous possibilities for simple assembly. The Aim pendant luminaire from Flos (1), for example, can easily be connected to the electrical circuit thanks to a plug. Only a hook on the ceiling is required for suspension. The Muuto Ambit Rail pendant luminaire (2) has three lampshades that are supplied with the same power cable. So only one assembly is necessary.

With the Flos String pendant lamp (3) real cable arts can be arranged. Your extra long cable can be creatively tensioned in the room and ends in a footswitch equipped with a conventional plug. The Koziol pendant (4) for lampshades requires a classic installation on the ceiling, but the socket can be fitted with various shades to suit every taste and is therefore perfectly suited to any furnishing style.

PUK pendant luminaires

1. Flos - Aim Pendant Lamp | 2. Muuto - Ambit Rail Pendant Lamp | 3. Flos - String Pendant Lamp | 4. Pendant for lampshades by Koziol

4. Conclusion - you have to consider this when buying pendant luminaires

  • Choose the right pendant luminaire size for your room: large rooms with high ceilings can accommodate voluminous pendant luminaires, low rooms rather flat models.
  • The optimum height for suspension: When hung in the middle of the room, a height of at least 200 cm is recommended; when arranged above the dining table, 60-70 cm should lie between the tabletop and luminaire; when fitted above the kitchen unit, a distance of 70-80 cm between the worktop and luminaire is ideal.
  • Note the light output and diffusion: light directed downwards creates cosiness, direct light sets accents, diffuse light illuminates the room evenly.
  • Neutral white and warm white lamps (<3500-5500 K) create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere whereas cold white light (> 5500 K) improves the concentration.
  • Thanks to alternative installation options, some pendant luminaires can also simply be connected to the socket.

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