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Create a Special Ambience with Pendant Lights of known Designers

Pendant lights fit in every place and they offer an independent character to every room. Find pendant lights with different forms and styles in the Connox assortment – classic and modern. Which light is the right one for different rooms, doesn't depend in the height of the room, but also on the personal taste of the user. Be inspired!

Pendant Lights in the Interior Design Shop – an Overview of your Advantages

What are Pendant Lights?

The pendant light is a suspension lamp, that is attached to the ceiling of a room. It is intended for the General lighting of the room. Thus, the room determines the pendant lights alternatives that are available. The last step is solely up to your taste, the choice in the Connox Interior Design Shop is extensive. From simple pendant lights similar to light bulbs like NUD up to lush chandeliers like those by Ingo Maurer you will find everything your heart desires in our range of pendant lights.

Which Pendant Light for which Room?

Different rooms need different pendant lights. How high is your room?
Old buildings are ideal for expansive and complex pendant lights. The hanging lamps from the brand Verpan are perfect and give the room a special and classy look: The modern design lamps work wonderfully in the charm of the old building. For smaller rooms with lower ceilings, opt for more subtle comfort. The Harry pendant light by Carpyen can be adapted individually to the ceiling height and provides gentle light.

Not only the height of the ceiling and room size are relevant when choosing a pendant light. Also the need for light in a room plays a part in the choice of the perfect pendant light. A glare-free pedant light with diffused light is often the first choice in bedrooms and living rooms. Why not the Pirum pendant light by Schneid? Also uplights with indirect light have a relaxing effect. In the office, however, a pendant light with direct light is often the right one, just like in the kitchen: Spot lighting, for example over the dining table, appears active and dynamic. The Mega Bulb pendant light by &tradition is wonderfully suitable for this purpose. With its transparent cable and a thick hand-blown glass, the Bulb fits discreetly into any interior and at the same time lends it modern accents. It lends a room brightness as is particularly important in the office and the kitchen. The light of our pendant lights can be adapted with the correct illuminant.

How High do Pendant Lights Hang?

Most of our pendant lights are individually adjustable in height. How high you hang the pendant light of your choice also depends on where you hang it. In the middle of the room you should be able to walk beneath it without any problems. Pendant lights above the table can easily hang slightly lower, they should have about 60 to 80 cm distance from the table. Depending on the table, if it is wider and bigger, the higher you should hang the pendant light so that it optimally illuminates the dining table. Elongated or several small pendant luminaires side by side are recommended for long tables. The pendant light thus becomes the icing on the cake of your dining space. For the designer lamps a wide range of accessories is available in many cases, which gives a different look light and lamp and makes the pendant light adaptable for different rooms.

Eco-friendly Illuminants - also for Design Classics

With modern LED technology many pendant lights are extremely energy-saving,even many design classics are now equipped with eco-friendly LED. Thus, also the classic pendant light meets the demands of the modern environmentalist - in accordance with Connox interior design.

Be inspired, find and buy your personal pendant light in the Interior Design Shop.