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Garden bench - Everything you need to know about this idyllic piece of furniture

1. Material - wooden garden bench versus metal garden benches
2. Garden bench design and color
3. Where do I place my garden bench?
4. How to set the scene for your garden bench
5. Conclusion - What you should consider when buying a garden bench
6. Modern garden bench in the home design store - your advantages at a glance

1. Material - wooden garden bench versus metal garden benches

Garden benches have always created a harmonious atmosphere and invite you to relax in comfort. They are both space-saving and decorative and are ideal for breaking up garden seating groups.

The material of your designer garden bench should match your other garden furniture - if you have a more rustic style , then choose a garden bench made of wood . If your furniture has a modern style , we recommend a garden bench made of metal .

GL101 Timbur garden bench, untreated teak by Carl Hansen

A garden bench made of metal is durable and easy to maintain . The robust material makes it resistant to all weather conditions - neither rain nor cold will harm it. Only powder-coated steel and iron need to be repainted if the standard paint chips off for any reason.

If your metal garden bench gets dirty, clean it with a damp cloth. The cool and modern look of a metal bench creates a clear contrast to the natural surroundings of your garden.

To keep your wooden garden bench looking like new after numerous rain showers, it needs the right care. As wood emphasizes the naturalness of the garden, it is one of the most popular building materials in the outdoor area. We recommend treating your wooden bench about twice a year with wood care products for the respective type of wood.

While domestic beech wood requires surface treatment, a weatherproof teak garden bench is naturally protected thanks to its high rubber content. After some time, a teak garden bench will develop a light gray patina, but this can be easily removed as described here .

Sixties collection and Trèfle cushions

2. Garden bench design and color

Regardless of whether the garden bench is made of wood or metal, most have a rather minimalist design . Depending on whether the seating furniture is used as a resting area or as additional seating, it has practical armrests and backrests. Curved shapes are reminiscent of classic, cozy park benches, while straight-lined and angular models give your garden structure.

Different types of wood are not the only way to create variation - lacquered models are available in many colors and can be used for targeted style breaks. For example, with a garden bench in white, you can break up rustic styles, such as the country house style, and make your garden look unmistakable.

3. Where do I place my garden bench?

To use your garden bench as a haven of peace , it is advisable to choose a location that is sheltered, secluded and quiet. Leaning against hedges, walls, trees and privacy screens, they create a cozy feeling and you can switch off in peace. Place an
never place an untreated wooden garden bench on damp ground, but on stone slabs or your patio.

Ville garden bench from & Tradition

4. How to set the scene for your garden bench

Garden benches are often designed in a minimalist style to blend discreetly into the garden. You can use simple methods to visually enhance your garden bench and ensure that it is immediately noticed by your guests:

By using outdoor textiles , you can not only make your garden bench more comfortable, but also add interesting colors and patterns. What's more, blankets can help ensure that you can sit outside comfortably late into the night.

One option is to use seating purely as decoration . You can place outdoor planters and outdoor lights on your garden bench to brighten up bare house walls or unused areas outside.

Furthermore, garden benches are popular as social meeting places . They offer space for several people and can be combined with other garden furniture as required to create a harmonious arrangement.

Linear Steel Bench Outdoor, 110 cm, light blue by Muuto

5. Conclusion - What you should consider when buying a garden bench

  • Wood for a rustic style, metal for a modern look
  • Metal: durable, easy to clean
  • Wood: natural look, requires regular maintenance
  • Mostly minimalist design with practical backrests
  • Variation through different types of wood or lacquered models
  • As a rest area in sheltered, quiet places
  • Place wooden benches on a dry surface
  • Make it more comfortable with outdoor textiles and blankets

6. Modern garden bench in the home design store - your benefits at a glance:

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