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Outdoor Hammock - Relax in the Open Air

Swing towards the sun or relax in the shade: the hammock is one of the most beautiful alternatives to the traditional sun bed. The soft material adapts to the body. Suspended or stretched on a frame, the gentle rocking motion makes even the toughest one relax. And what means relaxation for adults is a summer adventure for the little ones: rocking, cuddling with mum and dad, a nap in the open air...

Depending on space requirements and usage, find the best hammock for any purpose - for children, adults or for the whole family in the Connox interior design shop. And not only for outside use. We will show you what needs to be considered when buying a hammock.

The Right Hammock - What to Keep in Mind when Buying:

1. Size and Load Capacity
2. Material
3. Design
4. Transport
5. Accessories

1. Size and Load Capacity - for One, Two or Three People

There are hammocks in a range of sizes. Who will use it? The 1.20 meter diameter of the Bonsai Hanging Chair by Cacoon meets children's needs, adults should be able to stretch completely. For how many people should your hammock provide room? In the Connox interior design shop you will find hammocks for up to three people. And the Fatboy hammock comes in an oversize. With a load capacity of 150kg, the frame does all the work. The double hanging Chair by Cacoon - an outdoor hammock for 2 persons - can even be burdened with up to 200kg. Your needs determine the requirements for size and load capacity.

2. Material of the Outdoor Hammock: Weatherproof!

Make sure to buy an outdoor hammock made of weatherproof material. It should allow rain and dirt to repel and be easy to clean. The Cacoon Hanging Chair consist of canvas. The material is waterproof, weatherproof and provides protection against UV radiation. With its mix of cotton and polyester fabric it offers the soft feel of natural linen fabric, and at the same time a long life. Also Fatboy opts for a dirt and moisture-repellent surface. Stains can be easily wiped clean with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Get information on how to clean the material on the specific product pages.

Another issue is UV resistance. The design hammock is possibly exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, the colours however are supposed to be as bright as on the first days even after years of use. Weather resistant material withstands the light beams.

But also weatherproof hammocks have their limits. It is recommendable to pack them in a compact way at the end of the summer and store them in the apartment or in the basement if possible, until the first rays of sunshine lure you outside again. Or just hang the hanging chair or the hammock in the living room, kids room or bedroom!

3. Design - with Frame, with Roof, to Hang?

There are hammocks in many different forms: as a classic, taut mat, as hanging chair, with roof and without, as hammock with rods... Functionally, they offer the same benefits: they are cosy and comfortable, while they are flexible, mobile and suitable for outdoor use. They often vary fundamentally by their look. Cacoon got inspired for their hanging chairs by nature in Mexico. The outdoor hammocks with roof remind of small caves - places of retreat for the garden or balcony. The Osmose Hammock by Fermob is more like a swinging bed for the garden - also with a roof. Fatboy offers the classic version.

Regardless of the form, colours dominate in the summer. Both Fatboy as well as Cacoon and Fermob put on bold colours - ranging from lime to ochre. In any case your new haven sets cheerful accents in the garden.

In addition, it crucial to distinguish between an outdoor hammock with frame and one for hanging up. Frames often require more space, but the hammocks can be set up anywhere and can be moved flexibly. Check the stability of the frame, it ought to remain in place even with swing movements. Hanging chairs to hang can be attached simply by using the supplied ropes to beams, trees, swing frames and the like. Optionally some manufacturers provide also eyebolts or tree loops (to protect the trees) or - if no tree is near - a stable tripod frame. This way you don't need to decide before your purchase how you'd like to install your design hammock.

4. Transport - Flexible Travel Companion

Hammocks are especially popular because of their flexibility. The lighter the material, the easier it is to transport the modern lounge furniture. Also large hammocks should be able to be folded in a compact way. Especially at the beach or picnic it is appropriate that they can be easily stowed in a carrying bag. Like that, you can look for a suitable place to settle down in a relaxed manner. Information about the weight can be found on the respective product pages under "Properties". Here you also learn whether a bag is already included in the price.

5. Accessories - Cushions, Loops, Frames, Cover, Bags...

The repertoire of accessories for hammocks is big. Some manufacturers offer, in addition to a practical cover also a carrying bag for easy transport, which can at night be transformed to protect the hammock against rain and dirt. And with the matching outdoor cushions - also weatherproof - your outdoor hammock becomes a swinging lounge furniture. Comfort and convenience are the focus - inside as well as outside.

Also in the field of assembly companies like Fatboy and Cacoon offer a wide range of possibilities - with frames made of different materials (wood and metal), suspension ropes, eye bolts and tree loops. Learn what additional items are included and what is worth to purchase before buying.

Purchase a Design hammock at Connox – your Advantages:

Shopping Advice at Connox

You would like to buy an outdoor hammock online, but need support? Feel free to contact our Customer Service any time. We are happy to help and advise, make recommendations and can quickly resolve issues. Let us send you, your haven for flat and garden comfortably and within a few working days directly to your home!