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Drinking bottles

The drinking bottle - fit and healthy for everyday life

Drinking enough is important. The daily recommendation is 2.5 liters, significantly more on hot days. But not everyone finds it easy to drink this amount. We often simply forget. Drinking one liter at a time is useless. Excess fluid cannot be utilized by our body. So drink throughout the day. This is much easier with a drinking bottle.

Drinking bottles in the home design store - your benefits

Healthy drinks for hot days

Cold tea: Fruit teas are the perfect drink for warm days. Whether for work, school or sport - they are the ideal companion and contain no sugar. Prepare it in the evening and leave it to cool overnight.
Ginger and cucumber water: It may sound strange at first, but it's the drink of the moment in New York. Simply add a few slices to the water and you're done. By the way: the drink looks particularly nice in the transparent plastic drinking bottle from Eva Solo .
Smooties: Smoothies are little power packs. Green smoothies in particular, juices made from pureed fruit and green vegetables, give you energy for the day. The power juices keep best in a thermo bottle. The Sigg Hot & Cold thermal bottle has a thermal capacity of up to 30 hours. It is available in the small 0.3 liter version or larger versions such as 750 milliliters. The double-walled drinking bottle from Sigg is made of stainless steel, is dishwasher-safe and leak-proof.

Drinking bottles - café feeling for outdoor lovers

Drinking is particularly important on a hike or long bike ride. Cafés for short breaks or mountain huts for a refreshment stop are usually few and far between. It is therefore all the more important for nature lovers to be self-sufficient. Outdoor drinking bottles must be particularly robust. Not every bottle is suitable. The Eau Good bottle from Black and Bloom makes the heart of the outdoorsman beat faster. From now on, you can enjoy clean drinking water anytime and anywhere. This is made possible by the activated charcoal stick in the bottle. Binchotan activated charcoal has been used in Japan since the 1st 7. century as a method of purifying water. It can be kept for up to six months. The Eau Good bottle has an attractive cork lid and is BPA-free. The bottle holder Waterbelt from DNS Design makes transporting the bottle particularly practical. The belt can be adjusted to fit all bodies and is therefore also suitable for children.

For the sake of health - BPA-free drinking bottles

BPA, what is it actually? And why should you do without it? What used to interest mothers in particular is now a sign of quality: BPA-free. BPA or bisphenol A is a necessary component in the production of the plastic PC. Problematic: over time, BPA dissolves from the plastic and migrates into food and thus into the body. Researchers have found diabetes, heart damage, endocrine and brain disorders and an increased risk of cancer as a result of BPA exposure. These consequences are particularly severe in children. This is why Connox is paying more attention to BPA-free children's drinking bottles. The Be urban Be green Edition drinking bottles from 24Bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel, which has many advantages. They are robust, hygienic, easy to clean, sustainable and save CO 2. And of course they are BPA-free.

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