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Design Calendars - This Way You Organise Your Time With Style

Calendars that help organise our time, belong in every household, every workshop and every office. They help us to keep track and to organise our time. And if calendar are in addition very beautiful to look at, they can be enjoyed for a whole year.

The Design Calendar– How to Pick the Right One

1. Variety
2. Format & Size
3. Material & Colour
4. Mounting
5. Price
6. Design & Style

1. Designer Calendars - Variety

Yearly calendars create a quick overview, birthday calendar remind you of your loved one's Jubilee days, weekly planners organise your week at work while monthly calendars capture the highlights of the month. Each year, perpetual calendars show the date again, while atmospheric advent calendars are only used for a period of 24 days. Calendars in the company along with maps and design wall clocks serve as practical office accessories. In short: Designer calendars are a part of life.

And some calendars are full of real surprises. They are not just a wall decoration, but also an indispensable support in the organisation of everyday life - be it in the office for the planning of appointments, trade fairs, events or meetings, be it in the kindergarten or school, in public office or in the kitchen at home. The weekly calendar with one sheet per week organises the working week and the pocket calendar lists school holidays.

2. Calendars of All Sizes

According to the purpose, designer calendars are designed with much consideration. The formats correspond to the range of their application. The wall calendar, which ranges from A3 to A0, does not only provide an overview at one glance. The pocket calendar, however, does not only have to feel good in the hand, but also needs to be flexible. It is available in the handy DIN A5 or DIN A6 format. Birthday calendars are available in slim, long format, while many perpetual calendars are designed in geometric shapes.

3. Material & Colour: Tough Designer Calendars

The materials of design calendars are adapted for their use, while the colours draw the necessary attention. Sometimes calendars need to be tough for their use and are therefore made of durable materials. The classical annual calendar, birthday calendar, desk calendar or weekly calendar is usually made of heavy paper with the back made of sturdy cardboard. Perpetual calendar to set the date use materials such as wood, plastic or aluminium. The designer calendars' colours are selected according to use. In addition to puristic black and white designed pocket calendars, many yearly or monthly calendars stick with two or three classic colours, while some wall calendars are a colourful eye-catcher.

4. Mounting with Style

The manner, the calendar hangs, stands or lies at its destination, belongs to its appearance. The calendar with spiral binding is mostly hung up on a nail while the artwork calendar takes its place in a picture frame. Wall calendars in poster size will be pinned on the wall, some monthly calendars have built-in hanging clips or a cord to hang for writing instruments. The table calendar, however, has its built-in foot on which it stands, while the perpetual calendar is a design object per se, and is applied differently depending on the material or stands by itself.

5. Price: Design Is Not Always Expensive

You can buy the offered design calendars online. The simple calendars with their cheerful and practical ideas, are often available for an affordable price. In the middle price segment you will find calendars, which are fitted with a higher equipment or for which special design ideas have been processed. The high-priced calendars are made of superior materials that claim their prize as a design classic.

6. Design Classics and Design Surprises

The dotty edition annual planner is a high-quality classic designed calendar and attached to the wall with pins or masking tape. Glue dots in many different colours are stuck on the days with the dates and appointments and labelled as desired. This creates a multifunctional and individual calendar that only receives its final look with the stickers and lettering.

The perpetual calendar by MoMa collection is something for lovers of fine design that meets a clearly predefined functionality. The refined design is composed of geometrical bodies. A ball indicates the month in a big circle, while the date is set on a rail by means of another ball. The timeless calendar can be used anew every year.

The wall calendar Danese Formosa is a classic from the 1960s. The perpetual calendar is reminiscent of switching clocks on old railway stations. It is designed with sheets made of PVC, that are pitched on a corpus made of aluminium. The calendar is available in different languages and in black or aluminium and red or black lettering.

The Maven wall calendar is a simple calendar in simple design. The design of the annual calendar is reduced to a minimum and has only the data for each month in which you can enter days of the week as well as your appointments. Since the calendar does without any details, you can easily and any time understand its concept.

A very special calendar is the calendar game by Gregory calendar. The idea of this wall calendar is based on "paint by number". The monthly calendar sheet shows the numbers of the days in a seemingly unordered combination. The order will emerge every month by connecting the numbers of the days with a corresponding pen every day. Until the end of the month a funny character is created.

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