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Herman Studio

Herman Studio

Scandinavian design for Office & Home

Herman Studio is a design company based in Aarhus, Denmark. The design studio was founded by Helle and Jonas Herman, who met during their studies and became a couple. The focus of the design duo is on furniture for the living and work area made from natural materials and in a simple design; very much in the tradition of Scandinavian style.

Their designs are functional products for the daily use at home or in the office with a personal and refined touch, according to the motto "form follows function". The chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture are so timeless and elegant, they create a great atmosphere in your living room as well as in the office.

Jonas Herman Pedersen
Jonas Herman Pedersen studied furniture & space at the Aarhus School of Architecture. Pedersen prefers to work "hands-on". Pedersen is not only creative when dealing with pen and brush, but with a background in the craft also gifted in dealing directly with the materials.

"My great passion for design is, in addition to aesthetics especially about good workmanship and the use of materials. I am deeply fascinated by the production methods and thinking through a new product from raw material to the end product. This is why good design for me, is about the entire manufacturing method and the aesthetics all coming together in order to achieve the greatest possible eligibility."

Helle Herman Mortensen
Bright Herman Mortensen studied Industrial Design at the University of Aalborg. Mortensen puts her focus on concept development, in working with textiles, colours and graphics.

"For me, design is about getting to the core of what makes the project unique and then emphasizing it. Telling the story. Moreover, I believe it is essential to view the design from many angles, granting it a broad integrated look. This is where the cooperation between different disciplines becomes immensely important."

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