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Kai Linke

German Designer Kai Linke

Designer with a Weakness for Experimental Designs

The designer Kai Linke studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach on the Main and founded his first STUDIO KAI Linke in Frankfurt on the Main in 2009. From there, he developed luminaires and furniture for international manufacturers, designed objects for public spaces and exhibitions. His skill was already rewarded with many exhibitions and awards. Since 2015, he teaches at the University of Art in Kassel and also sells his designs under the label collection KAI LEFT.

He finds his inspiration for his designs while travelling, at flea markets and in nature. With a great weakness for experimental forms, materials and manufacturing, new designs are created. Thereby, these designs are characterised by a mix of fun, seriousness, symbolism, irritation and functionality.

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