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Maria Berntsen


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Maria Berntsen

"To design something is to communicate something, and good design is always easy to understand." "Creating a good product means optimising the form and function through detail."

"You always know if a product is quality and I use this intuitive feeling when I create something new."

For Maria Berntsen, design means first and foremost addressing emotions, processing them and incorporating them into her designs. In the end, the computer can only be a tool to give a good foundation the perfect shape. She puts great emphasis on having her products appeal to the senses which people use. Form must adapt to the human physique yet at the same time be visually appealing.

Maria Berntsen picked up her skills at the Danish Art Workshops as part of an artisanal course, while her theoretical knowledge comes from her art history studies at the Danish People's University. The designer thinks very carefully about intuition and learning processes during studies and work. She is satisfied with her own simple approach that lets her progress intuitively to new projects. Maria Berntsen even says about herself that the design process for a product directly relates to personal development and reflects personal values. The product designer has been self-employed since 1992. In her design studio in Denmark, she creates furniture designs, lamps and objects for daily use. In addition to her managerial duties at her design agency, Maria Berntsen teaches at the Danish School of Design.

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