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Norman Foster


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Norman Foster

Norman Foster was born in Manchester in 1935. He showed interest and talent in architecture from an early age.

Norman Foster studied at the University of Manchester and after graduating in 1961 received a scholarship to the Yale School of Art and Architecture. With his wife Wendy and the couple Sue and Richard Rogers, Norman Foster founded the architecture firm Team 4 in 1965, which became the firm Foster Associates in 1967. The current name of the firm is Foster + Partners.

Foster has exerted a large influence on the British architecture scene. In addition to a great number of international projects, his broad presence is also evident in a number of buildings in Germany. The reason for this is that he has said that he feels himself a kindred spirit with personalities from German architecture and design history.

Norman Foster's work has won a multitude of awards. He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1990.

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