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Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer designs and produces lamps and light-systems with his eponymous company since more than 40 years. Ingo Maurer products combine love of detail with manufacture know-how and a lot of manual work.

Ingo Maurer – a story of success since the middle of the 1960s

Ingo Maurer has designed and manufactured lighting for more than 40 years. Over 70 individuals work together to create products that are a blend of artistic expression and functional elegance. Everything Ingo Maurer and his Team make, they make with a lot of love for details, master craftsmanship and the input from a lot of human hands.

The success story of Designer Ingo Maurer and his company begins in the year 1965. In that year he designed his first lamps for a customer and he visited his first fair. The following year Ingo Maurer leaded a one-man-company with temporary staff in basement rooms. The first lamp "Bulb" appeared then as a small series. Soon it found interests, purchasers and imitators inside the country and abroad, becoming part of the design collection of the Modern Art museum.

In the following years Ingo Maurers collections and customers began to grow. Traditional (classic) lamp-foot, lamp-screen luminaries achieved the financial prerequisites to produce "modern" lamps. In the year 1968 Ingo Maurer employed three co-workers and was represented with his own presentation on an Italian exposition for the first time. The first press reports followed then. Between 1969 and 1972 the number of his employees rose to 12.

Ingo Maurer celebrated the 100 birthday of the "Thomas Alva Edison" bulb in the year 1979. The Ingo Maurer Company occupies 25 employees as well as temporary staff and home-workers meanwhile.

After Ingo Maurer entered the Niedervolt-Technique with "Ilios" in the year 1983, he presented the Niedervolt-System "YaYaHo" in September of the year 1984 in Milan. At that moment the company fought to survive because the investments and development costs consumed the financial reserves. The "YaYaHo" resonance exceeded then the companies' expectations leading to a unforeseen growth of the Ingo Maurer Company in every area. One year after the "YaYaHo" work became to much for the 12 employees.

Consequently the Ingo Maurer Company experienced a new upturn. Expositions in Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Helsinki, Barcelona and Madrid followed then. The electronic Touch Tronic-Transformatos that was developed in the company allowed new concepts: the lamps switch on and off, and dim only by touching.

In the year 1989 Ingo Maurer showed non-commercial works in the Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain for the first time. The company grew again to meanwhile 36 co-workers that are supported by another ten part time workers.

In the year 1990 the project department began to work. In the following years the whole collection was supplemented by new designs and ideas. Increasingly the work developed in an artistic direction. In the year 1998 the new series "The MaMo Nouchies was presented after several years of development time.

Since the year 1999 the Ingo Maurer Team also experiments the LED-Technique. In the spring of the year the Shop/Showroom is opened in New York.

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