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Wood is one of the most versatile raw materials in the world: Furniture, musical instruments, floors, paper or entire houses – all of these things can be made out of wood. Of course also accessories and furniture which fulfil the highest demands on quality and design.

People valued wood's qualities thousands of years ago: This natural product was the only raw material offering good quality at manageable costs for a long time – until the 19th century. By this point, metal and plastic pushed wood out of living rooms. The naturalness, warmth and the versatility of wooden products is being re-discovered today for that reason.

For a long time, Scandinavian manufacturers have known what society is slowly discovering: Wooden products bring a bit of nature back to the modern everyday life. Wood delights with cosy warmth instead of technological coldness. A nearly endless richness of varieties comes from different wood types, production and treatment methods. This is the reason why wooden products are much more individual than industrial mass-produced items – and they're absolutely modern.

The world also profits from wooden products: Sustainable foresting enables excellent eco-results. CO2-neutral production, work with low energy consumption and recycling make wood the most environmentally friendly raw material.

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