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Normann copenhagen - Normann x bras art collection

Normann Copenhagen - Normann x Bras Art Collection

Collaboration with 10 artists

In collaboration with curator Jens-Peter Brask and a number of international artists, Normann Copenhagen launches a collection that explores the tension between art and design.

The collaboration began with an exhibition in the gallery of Normann Copenhagen's showroom, where the conventions of art and design were questioned. Here 10 artists presented their interpretation of the implementation of art in everyday life. The result is a colourful and versatile collection ranging from spicy playing cards to a sculptural six-legged side table.

The collection was designed by the artists Ryan Schneider, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Mira Dancy, Greg Bogin, Vincent Dermody, Roma Manikhin, Tony Matelli, Gudrun Hasle, Graham Collins and Anton Munar.