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Back to School Gifts

It's not always easy to say goodbye to summer, but instead of focussing on the early mornings, the grey socks and the unwanted homework,many parents are choosing to emphasise the time spent with friends, learning and growing together in an environment rich with information and discovery. More and more parents are choosing to celebrate learning and encourage enthusiasm for going back to school by giving their children small gifts on the first day back. It could be as simple as a new wooden ruler in the shape of a microphone, a novelty pencil sharpener or a Lego lunch box - these small tokens encourage children to remember how much fun they have at school and can really help to banish the back to school blues.

Celebrate Learning

Many people remember their school days as some of the best in their lives. Sitting next to your best friend and showing off a new PE bag while admiring their drinks bottle, drawing complicated graphs with a long ruler, creating new worlds and discovering planets - school is an adventure of learning. Encourage your child to delight in the opportunities before them: after all, life is never quite the same once school has ended.