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Conference chairs

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Conference chairs are among the most important furniture pieces in the office. They should be carefully selected, since they will remain in the company for a long long time once they are bought. That’s the reason why they shouldn’t be annoying but subtle and vivid: a conference chair, which is robust and still flexible; which remains in the background while the conference is going on and which is positive for the customer when he sees it because of its elegance; a chair which is comfortable, but not cosy. It's rare that an item of furniture has to meet such contradictory requirements. Our designers know this and they have created guests chairs, which perfectly unify design and functionality.

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Conference Chairs that Unify Design and Functionality

The hours inside of a conference room can be long ones, particularly if uncomfortable office chairs and hard seats start to scratch at your back and change the way you sit, distracting you from the agenda. Find comfortable, durable conference chairs in the Connox interior design shop that won't distract you from the essential things thanks to their simple elegance. Famous designers have developed chairs that perfectly unify appearance and functionality for a unique sitting experience – according to the motto "form follows function". Ergonomically optimised seats and a comfortable backrest will make you focus on the business before you. Your sitting position and the concentration of your customers, employees and business partners will thank you.

The Elegant Conference Chair: with Armrests, on Castors and in Leather

There are simple conference chairs and some especially elegant ones with armrests and seats made of leather. The Aluminium Group EA 117 office chair by Vitra is such a chair and furthermore it is one of the most important designs of the 20th century. The iconographic design of this conference chair has spread its modern elegance in rooms of all over the world for more than five decades. The armrests and the legs are made of polished aluminium and the the seat is made of hopsack, which reminds us of leather. The Physix swivel chair attracts attention because of the subtle elegance of something that stands on castors. It is available in black or white and it unifies rigid and flexible elements enabling a comfortable sitting experience. The Oxford Chair's appearance, made by Fritz Hansen, is more simple. The armrests in aluminium and the cover in soft leather add an elegant hint to the conference chair, despite the extreme reduction to the essentials – this one is also perfectly made for a successful meeting.

Office Furniture that Saves Space: Stackable and Cantilever Chairs

You need furniture to be stackable to save space? Then look at our simpler conference chairs. Vitra, Hay, Fritz Hansen and driade are some of the manufacturers of such weightless and stackable solutions. This is how your conference room becomes flexible. To stack and store the chairs is easy because of the reduced design and the balanced fit.

An elegant solution is to combine chic conference chairs with armrests with stackable office chairs. The MedaSlim chair ideally suits the MedaPal office chair – both of them made by Vitra. The swivel chair and the MedaSlim are formal and conservative, they feature high sitting comfort, a clever construction and the utilisation of durable materials.

A popular and space saving office chair – which might not always be stackable – is the cantilever chair. The slight spring effect makes it comfortable and the slim shape enables you to place many cantilevers at one conference table.

Buy Conference Chairs in the Interior Design Shop – An Overview of Your Advantages

A large assortment of conference chairs and guests' chairs by famous designers is available in the interior design shop.

Equip your conference room with high class chairs from our shop. Customers, employees and business partners are going to be astonished!