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Outdoor carpet

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An outdoor rug is a great way to add style and functionality to your outdoor space. An outdoor rug is the perfect opportunity to add a bit more coziness to your outdoor space. It will make evenings on your patio or balcony feel directly more homey. Whether you want to protect your patio from moisture or simply add some color and texture, there are many different options.

Here are some considerations you should make before buying an outdoor rug:

1. Does the outdoor rug match the existing style of my outdoor space?
2. What size should I choose for my outdoor rug?
3. What colors and designs do you prefer?
4. What material is appropriate for the future location of the outdoor rug?
5. How do you clean an outdoor rug?
6. Conclusion
7. FAQ

1. Does the outdoor rug match the existing style of my outdoor area?

If you have a modern patio or balcony, you should choose an outdoor rug that has a modern design. A basic angular shape as well as uniform colors will emphasize the modern style of your outdoor area. Likewise, geometric patterns are currently in trend and especially suitable for modern but also Scandinavian style.

Ciero Outdoor Carpet from House Doctor

If your patio is more traditional, you may prefer a classic pattern. There are also many options in between. Outdoor rugs in boho style with fringes, for example, will bring a touch of Mediterranean feeling to your home.

2. What size should I choose for my outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size is based on the amount of outdoor space you have.

The more space, the larger the outdoor rug can be. Should you want to put the rug under, for example, an outdoor sofa, the rug should not be too small, otherwise it will go down and the proportions will not seem appropriate. The carpet should be at least as wide, and at best wider than the sofa.

The weatherproof aluminium Outdoor Lounge sofa from HKliving in the bright living room

Also, think about the size of your outdoor space when choosing an outdoor rug. If you have a large patio or balcony, a larger rug may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you have limited space, you should choose a smaller rug that won't take up too much room.

Also suitable for narrow balconies are runners, which are particularly narrow cut. The elongated shape of the balcony is thus also taken up in the carpet and contributes to a harmonious overall picture.

The outdoor furniture and lights from Gloster create romance

For a sitting area on the terrace or in the garden, round outdoor rugs are particularly suitable. Round carpets work particularly well when there is a lot of available space. The round shape often forms a nice contrast to the straight outdoor furniture and loosens up the whole. With a few lounge chairs as well as a side table, you have such a nice composition in the garden.

3. What colors and designs do you prefer?

There is a wide range of colors and designs for outdoor rugs. You may want to choose a design that complements the existing color scheme of your outdoor space. Or you may want to add a bold accent with a colorful or patterned rug.

If you have plenty of room for a large rug, you can equally go for patterns. These work especially well together with plain outdoor furniture and create a highlight in your outdoor area.

Hammock Headdemock, Circle seat pad and Carpretty outdoor rug from Fatboy

If your garden furniture is already very colorful, you can use a plain or unicolored outdoor rug to create more balance.

4. What material is appropriate for the future location of the outdoor rug?

There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to outdoor rugs.

Outdoor carpets from natural fibers

Way Outdoor Mat from ferm Living

Natural fibers such as wool or jute are a good choice for covered areas such as patios or balconies, as they can withstand a certain amount of moisture. Flat woven carpets, for example also made of sisal, also have the advantage that they can be used well indoors as soon as the outdoor season is over. In addition, natural materials naturally have a different effect than outdoor carpets made of synthetic fibers. The natural materials are especially popular in Scandinavian interiors or boho style and skillfully emphasize these styles.

Outdoor carpets from synthetic materials

Silhouette Outdoor carpet from nanimarquina

For uncovered areas, synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyester or nylon are better choices as they are more resistant to fading and the elements. These materials are also very easy to care for and can be cleaned with a brush or hose if necessary. Likewise, these materials are particularly durable and easy to care for. Outdoor carpets made of synthetic fibers you have several seasons something and can therefore enjoy them longer.

5. How to clean an outdoor carpet?

Before buying an outdoor rug, find out about the care instructions. Some rugs can be washed in the washing machine, while others require special care. If you have pets or children, you should choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain.

Mono carpet of Pappelina

If the outdoor rug is made of natural fibers, you can simply vacuum or shake it out to remove dirt and debris. If it is made of synthetic fibers, you may need to hose it down or scrub it with soap and water to clean it.

Before the summer season starts, you should restore your outdoor carpet from the previous season to a high shine and clean it according to the material. Similarly, the carpet should be cleaned of dirt after the outdoor season and before storing it over the winter months.

6. Conclusion

Outdoor rugs are a great way to add color, style and protection to your outdoor space. Make sure you choose the right size, material and design for your needs. And don't forget to clean them regularly. Especially for the start of the outdoor season, make sure to spruce up your carpet from the previous year.

7. FAQ

Can I put an outdoor rug on my patio?

Yes, but make sure you choose a material that can withstand bad weather, like polypropylene or nylon.

What are the types of outdoor rugs?

Outdoor carpets differ primarily in the material. Depending on the location, there are either carpets made of natural fibers or synthetic materials. In terms of colors, patterns as well as sizes, there are countless variants.

How do I clean an outdoor carpet?

Depending on the material, you can vacuum it or shake it out, hose it down or scrub it with soap and water. You can always find information about your carpet on the enclosed or sewn-on cleaning label.

Can I put an outdoor rug on my balcony without any problems?

Yes, as long as the material is suitable for the location. Natural fibers like wool or jute are a good choice for covered areas like balconies, while synthetic fibers like polypropylene or nylon are better for uncovered areas.