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Vitra couch

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Die Vitra Couch ist ein bequemes und stilvolles Sofa, welches in einer Vielzahl von Farb- und Stilvarianten erhältlich ist. Vitra zeichnet sich und die Sofas durch eine nachhaltige Fertigung und einem bequemen und zeitlich stilvollen Charakter aus.

Die hochwertige Herstellung des Design-Klassikers bietet der Vitra Couch eine lange Lebensdauer.

Was das Besondere an einer Vitra Couch ist:

1. The Vitra story
2. Why a Vitra Couch?
3. Sustainability at Vitra
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

1. The Vitra story

Willi Fehlbaum took over a store in Switzerland, near Basel, in 1934. In 1950 Fehlbaum, together with his wife Erika Fehlbaum, expanded and created Vitra, a company based in Weil am Rhein, Germany.
Initially, the couple specialized in the production of office supplies, but over time Vitra included more and more home furniture, such as the Vitra couch or accessories in the range.

Soft Modular Sofa 3 seater from Vitra

In 1977, the responsibility and management of the company was handed over to the sons Raymond and Rolf. In 2012, the third generation, through Nora Fehlbaum joined and took over the management of the company Vitra. Vitra is characterized to this day by the fact that the company has always been family-owned.

2. Why a Vitra couch?

There are many reasons to choose a Vitra couch. One of the main arguments for a Vitra sofa is the high quality and sustainable manufacturing, which makes the products characterized by a long life.

The Vitra Home Stories for Spring

In addition, Vitra offers a wide variety of styles, ranging from design classics to modern products. The sofa series are available in two- and three-seater versions and with different bases. This makes it possible to find the perfect size sofa and add a new focal point to your living room. It comes in a variety of fabrics, colors and leather options, so it will find a great place in any living room and home.

3. Sustainability at Vitra

Vitra is increasingly aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, so the issue of sustainability has become part of the company's philosophy - and culture.
The resource-conserving and environmentally conscious manufacture of Vitra products, as well as the sustainable care of employees, is an important part of the company and has become firmly established.

4. Conclusion

Vitra - Grand Sofà 3,5 Seater, Basic Dark Base / Die-Cast Aluminium, Polished / Beige (Corsaro Stone Melange 05) (Tufted)

Vitra sofa is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture with a variety of colors and style options. It is characterized by its sustainable production and a comfortable and fashionable character.

The high-quality workmanship of the design classic offers the Vitra couch a long life.

5. FAQ

What is the lifespan of a Vitra couch?

Due to the high quality and sustainable manufacturing, Vitra sofas are characterized by a long life.

What are the designs of the sofas?

The sofa series are available in two- and three-seater versions and in various colors.