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Vitra - Storage Toolbox  Vitra - Storage Toolbox from £24.00 *ferm Living - Confetti Tin Boxes (Set of 3)  ferm Living - Confetti Tin Boxes (Set of 3) £26.00 *Iittala - Vitriini Boxes 60 x 60 mm  Iittala - Vitriini Boxes 60 x 60 mm from £25.00 *Skagerak - Nomad Box Skagerak - Nomad Box £46.00 *Lexon - Zen Cup 4 Compartments Lexon - Zen Cup 4 Compartments £18.00 *Bloomingville - Wooden Storage Boxes (set of 4) Bloomingville - Wooden Storage Boxes (set of 4) £79.00 *Lego - Mini-Box 8 Lego - Mini-Box 8 from £5.00 *Lego - Mini-Box 4 Lego - Mini-Box 4 from £4.00 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo M Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo M from £11.00 *Iittala - Vitriini Boxes 108 x 108 mm Iittala - Vitriini Boxes 108 x 108 mm from £39.50 *Hey Sign - Box Set 1 Hey Sign - Box Set 1 from £32.00 *Skagerak - Pantry Caddy Skagerak - Pantry Caddy £54.00 *Alessi - Cargo Box Alessi - Cargo Box from £33.00 *Rig-Tig by Stelton - Woodstock Storage Box Rig-Tig by Stelton - Woodstock Storage Box from £21.00 *j-me - Cozy remote control storage j-me - Cozy remote control storage from £18.00 *Moleskine - Pencil Case Moleskine - Pencil Case £11.00 *Konstantin Slawinski - Shuffle-Box Konstantin Slawinski - Shuffle-Box from £71.00 *Nomess - Clear Tool Box Nomess - Clear Tool Box £27.00 *Menu - Phold Container -20% Menu - Phold Container from RRP £19.95 £15.90 *Zone Denmark - Slide Storage Box with Mirror Zone Denmark - Slide Storage Box with Mirror £45.00 *Nomess - Balsabox Personal Nomess - Balsabox Personal from £97.00 *Georg Jensen - Elephant Tooth Box Georg Jensen - Elephant Tooth Box £34.00 *Hay - Bits and Bobs Colour Hay - Bits and Bobs Colour from £8.00 *Hay - Lens Box Marble Hay - Lens Box Marble from £41.00 *j-me - Casa Storage j-me - Casa Storage from £22.00 *Areaware - Turtle Box Areaware - Turtle Box from £53.00 *ferm Living - Organiser ferm Living - Organiser from £52.00 *Georg Jensen - HK Bonbonniere Turnip Georg Jensen - HK Bonbonniere Turnip from £70.00 *Umbra - Toto Box Umbra - Toto Box £31.00 *Menu - Jewellery Box Menu - Jewellery Box from £78.00 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo S Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo S from £8.00 *side by side - Tool Box “all you need” side by side - Tool Box “all you need” £61.00 *Alessi - Circus All-purpose Tins Alessi - Circus All-purpose Tins from £45.00 *Eva Solo - Toolbox Low Eva Solo - Toolbox Low £55.00 *Danese - Flores Desk Storage Containers Danese - Flores Desk Storage Containers from £39.00 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilio XS Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilio XS from £6.00 *

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Hay - Box Box and Box Box Desktop 5 set, coloured

Jewellery Boxes and Trinket Storage in Cardboard, Plastic, Metal or Wood

A ball of tangled necklaces, eyeshadows stacked precariously on top of one another, solitary cufflinks rolling around a drawer full of old batteries and instruction manuals - all of this can be tidied up with some elegant storage boxes! Bring order to your dressing table or nightstand with trinket boxes the perfect size for jewellery and cosmetics, or find designer storage boxes of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Designer Jewellery Boxes and Trinket Storage at Connox - Your Advantages at a Glance:

Jewellery Boxes - A Beautiful Gift for the Dressing Table

If you know someone with a lot of jewellery, how about a jewellery box for their birthday or for Christmas? The Vitriini boxes from Iittala are ideal. These colourful trays in their various colours and sizes can be grouped together in a beautiful display, elegantly separating earrings and cufflinks, rings and pendants. The rustic wooden Vitriini tray completes the design.

Make Up Storage Box – Organise Your Cosmetics

The average adult spends half an hour in front of the mirror in the morning. Hair, creams, make-up – all of the necessary toiletries need te be kept somewhere easily accessible. The wooden storage box by Nomess Copenhagen was designed for exactly this purpose. It is aptly named Balsabox Personal and features various removable compartments for systematically organising and arranging jewellery or toiletries. This wooden trinket box also features a large, clear mirror inside its lid, making it the ideal jewellery box for your dressing table.

Remote Control Storage: Never Lose the Remote Again

When planning a family movie night, you should be reaching for the popcorn – not behind the sofa for a missing remote control. At some time or another, this has surely been an issue in every household. Luckily, there is a stylish solution! With the Cozy remote control storage by j-me, you’ll always know where to find the control. Up to four controls fit into this remote control storage solution, and its floral shape makes it perfect for the living room.

Utensilo – Keeping Everything in its Place

Toys, crafts, work tools or toiletries – what do all of these have in common? They are all too big or too bulky to sort into boxes. The Bottichelli utensil holder by Koziol was made to solve this very problem! This stylish plastic storage basket can stand on ist own or be hung from a well-placed hook. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, Utensilo not only makes organisation beautiful but also easy.

Buy jewellery boxes or storage boxes online from Connox – where you are guaranteed the best price as well as fast UK delivery!

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