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Storage Baskets: fight against mess

CDs in the corner, magazines piled on the table and the floor lined with children's toys.
Now it is time to create order. The easiest way to succeed is by using storage baskets. The large and small all-purpose weapons transform your home in the blink of an eye into an oasis of wellbeing.

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Storage Baskets: Underestimated Décor Elements

Storage boxes are not only perfect for keeping everything neat and tidy in your domestic area, but they can also be used as wonderful decorative elements.
First and foremost, this is due to their versatility, as they are available in a variety of materials and colours. An example: the Restore Storing Basket by Muuto is made of PET, i.e. old drinking bottles. Nevertheless, the basket appears very natural because of its felt-like design. Draped with a few pillows, the simple basket becomes a striking eye catcher.

One Basket, One Thousand Possibilities

Baskets are neither creatures of habit nor couch potatoes! They love variety. Take them to your next picnic. Storage baskets are very useful helpers in the bathroom. Creams, lotions, toothpaste, brushes, make-up utensils: you can quickly lose track. With the help of various baskets, you bring back structure into your wellness oasis. But even dirty laundry can be hidden wonderfully in storage baskets - for example in the Half Moon Laundry Basket by Ferm Living.

Three Tips for Tidiness

1. Clearing out: look at everything. Things you didn't use or miss for over a year, you can confidently clear out. It is similar with old magazines - only in the rarest cases do you read a magazine twice. So, make room for something new. You will be surprised how relieved you will be after clearing some old things out.
2. Sort: similar things belong with each other. Take several baskets or boxes. CDs with CDs, pens with pens. This way nothing gets lost.
3. Decorative boxes and baskets: Boxes and baskets are true all-rounders. They come in small and large as well as in simple and striking. Use your existing space: for every little corner, there is a matching storage box. Particularly in open shelves do storage boxes look decorative, without a bulky appearance.

Tip: If you are interested in the topics of tidiness and storage space, take a look at our home design blog . In the article Space miracle: 7 tips for more stowage space , you will find a variety of tips for your domestic organisation.

Want to buy storage boxes online? In this case, have it delivered to your front door in a few working days at your convenience.