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Storage jars: decoratively put the focus on stored foods

In the kitchen there are a lot of small and big things that want to be stored and sorted. The easiest and most efficient way that manages this is with storage jars.It is important when choosing jars that they suit the style of your kitchen and have decorative value. This is how you can put the focus on noodles and flour. Create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. Because the kitchen is the centre of your home. Be inspired by our selection.

Storage Jars in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

Storage Jars: How to Decorate Them

The design of storage jars is at least as diverse as their content. Therefore there are hardly limits set for you. With glass you have the opportunity to decorate with the contents. It is especially nice if you rely on a coloured variant, such as the Menu Juuri storage jars. Glass containers with a lid made of cork are another possibility. The ribbed material gives a great contrast to the sleek structure of glass. Storage jars made of metal, while revealing little of their contents, can be outfitted with countless design possibilities. The Tanssi and Iittala Taika collections use fabulous patterns and ornaments, which add a magical touch to your kitchen. Jars and tins with screw cap and clip closures are reminiscent of preserve jars and have a nostalgic charm. They fit well in country house kitchens, but are suitable as a break in style in a modern kitchen area. Tip: a storage jar set is the perfect basis for different spice jars in your kitchen.

Storage Jars: Your Benefits

Storage jars with a screw cap facilitate food storage. The lid seals the storage containers and protects the food from outside influences. Products originally kept in airtight packaging keep for longer and stay fresher in a storage jar. In terms of keeping order, fresh storage jars can't be beat. Often they are stackable and save space. Storage containers which are not hermetically closed are better suited for dry supplies like flour and pasta. If you want, you can of course put them impressively into focus as a sweets cookie jar. For example, the Gianni a little man holding on tight kitchen jar by A di Alessi is a real eye-catcher with playful accessories. Also in terms of hygiene, jars lead the pack. Most of them are dishwasher-proof and thus useable for many years.

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