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Wood Storage

Wood storage – Surprisingly Versatile

Crackling and rustling – A fireplace creates a cosy and warm feeling on cold days. But the feeling quickly disappears once the flame dies and there is no more firewood in the house. The wood is somewhere in your garden, far away from your cosy sofa. The products for wood storage in your home solve this problem. Not just practical, but decorative, too.

Elements for wood storage in the home design shop – your advantages

Store Firewood Properly

In general, the dryer the wood, the greater the fuel value of the fireplace. With ideal storage, one cubic metre of beech wood evaporates up to 250 litres of water. Ideal storage for green wood primarily refers to a dry and well ventilated shelter. Furthermore, the wood should not be in direct contact with the floor, but should be on a shelf. It is important to keep a hand-width's distance to the back of the shelter. Closed rooms such as basements are not suitable for drying. Therefore, we recommend purchasing dried firewood in your hardware store if you do not have sufficient outside storage area. You can purchase ten kilo for approximately three euros.

Cold Wood doesn't Burn Well

It's not just easier for you if you have a small stash of firewood next to your fireplace. Your fireplace will also thank you. For cold wood doesn't burn well. Therefore, you should store your firewood inside a couple of days before use. Ideally, you should use a firewood shelf, wood shelf or felt basket. A special benefit: By preheating in your living room, more of the remnant moisture will evaporate and the wood becomes even dryer.

Wood Storage for Inside

What's good for wood when storing in the garden won't hurt the wood when storing inside. I.e.: In living rooms and elsewhere, you should still ensure that air circulates well around your wood. A storage closet is thus not well suited. A better solution is a special firewood shelf. The WoodTower by Raumgestalt is open on all sides. This way, wood is always handy wherever needed and also looks elegant. A similar solution is the Woodstock Shelf by Extremis. The design manufacturer combines stylish design with practical fireplace accessories. The Woodstock Shelf is a shelf and wood cart in one. This way, you save yourself annoying carrying. For limited space in rooms, we recommend the Firewood Basket by Hey Sign. It uses the natural characteristics of felt and is breathable and dirt-repellent. The stable handle on the basket by Hey Sign also makes it suitable for carrying wood.

Want to buy special furniture and baskets for wood storage online? Let us deliver your favourite solution comfortably and within a few work days to your home!