Your very own library is a place for imagination, adventure and intrigue. Find the perfect furniture for exploring new places, characters and plot twists with these home library ideas, then curl up and relax with your favourite page-turner.


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Home Library Ideas: Setting Up Your Reading Corner

Your home library is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a good book. Set the ambience with soft lighting, browse the stacks of books stored in every last bit of wall space, and snuggle up in a cosy corner to immerse yourself in fantasy. Creating such an individual space as your own personal library takes a lot of thought, and if done well the sight of it will make book lovers' eyes widen with delight. Here are some tips and tricks to transform your home library into a space to escape to.

Room Dividers for Comfort and Seclusion

If you are planning a reading corner rather than a full library, it's easy to add a secluded feel with the use of a room divider. Separating your reading nook from the rest of the room, dividers come in a huge range of styles. You could even use a designer shelf to break up your space and double as book storage! When choosing a room divider, take note of the room acoustics, size and which direction the light is coming from.

Create Ambience with Indirect Lighting

It is important to get the lighting right for your home library - not only do you want to create the right ambience, you also want to prevent eye strain when reading. Table lamps or floor lamps are particularly useful in this case because they often have swivel-mounted lamp arms that allow you to precisely direct the light. Indirect lighting in the rest of the room increases the ambience - try ceiling or wall lights and choose a warm yellowish bulb rather than a cold stark white one.

Library Furniture: Bookshelves, Comfy Chairs and Accessories

To love books is to live with books. Our favourite characters, all packed up in bound paper, should not be hidden away in cupboards: display your books proudly and revel in the worlds you have discovered within their pages! A book-lovers library features books on every last shelf, table and chest, with paperback and hardback stacked neatly or chaotically on every surface. With a beautiful bookcase, a comfortable reading chair and many matching accessories - bookmarks, bookends and unique shelves - you can transform your reading nook into a wonderful home library.

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