Christmas Baking

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The smell of homemade biscuits, Christmas spices and taste of homemade treats – it's time for Christmas baking again! Home baking is one of the most fulfilling things about Christmas. It's an opportunity for adults and children to get busy in the kitchen, try some new recipes, mix dough, cut out Christmas biscuits and enjoy freshly baked goodies straight from the oven.

Connox's Practical Bakeware is Perfect for Adding a Special Touch to Your Christmas Preparations

This section contains a number of kitchen aids and bakeware designed for modern baking needs – meaning they are sturdy, functional and beautifully designed. Treat yourself to a new, sturdy mixing bowl or surprise your children with new Christmas biscuit cutters. And, if you run out of storage space for you homemade biscuits, we also have some stylish and practical biscuit and cake tins that will keep your pastries fresh for a long time.

Our baking accessories are timeless, durable and designed to be used for a long time – including long after the last crumbs of your Christmas biscuits, ginger breads and cakes have been eaten.

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