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Arne Jacobsen Chair

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Arne Jacobsen designed the chair whose serial number attained cult status: the series 7 Chair. He was the one who transformed a simple stacking chair into a ubiquitous design highlight and everyday terms into synonyms for high class designer chairs. Designer Arne Jacobsen created some of the most popular chairs in design history.

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Chairs by Arne Jacobsen — Milestones in the History of Design

Arne Jacobsen began his collaboration with Fritz Hansens Eft. A/S in 1932. Over the years, he designed a series of chairs and armchairs, which often have been considered milestones on the developmental path of contemporary furniture art. In 1952, Arne Jacobsen developed a chair that made him famous: the Chair "Myren" (Ant). This was only made of two parts, a seat and legs, and was one of the first truly industry-standard chairs. The minimised material usage and simple construction were the reasons why the chair was extremely economically constructed — and yet so avant-garde that the manufacturer Fritz Hansen initially didn't think it would ever be suitable for mass production. Since then, more than five million of these chairs have been sold.

The Ant, Chair 3107 and Exceptional Re-Editions

The successor to the originally three-legged Ant emerged in 1955 with the Series 7 chair, whose name comes from the model number 3107. It was made from a piece of plywood, but with four legs and wider waist. Today, the 3107 chair still adorns seminar rooms, canteens and cafés all over the world. Fritz Hansen marketed different re-editions on the 60th anniversary of the Series 7 Chair: chairs in soft pink with gold-plated legs, in dark blue with powder coated legs and a monochromatic collection.

Egg Chair, Drop Chair and Swan

Further milestones in the history of design were the Egg Chair, the Drop Chair and the Swan. They are part of Arne Jacobsen's largest project at the end of the 50s: fully equipping the Royal Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen.

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