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Kähler Design Vase

With a Kähler Design vase you set your flowers magically in scene and also get an elegant table decoration. We present you the most famous models of the Danish manufacturer!

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Handmade Kähler Design Vase: unique, elegant and homely

Timeless design always inspires. Even when decorating with home accessories for your home, it is becoming increasingly popular to surprise with a timeless design. Among the classics here are definitely designer vases . They are functional and very decorative at the same time. With a Kähler Design Vase we provide you with traditional, timeless design of the Danish manufacturer founded in 1839. The Kähler Design vases have a unique charisma and impeccable quality. The art of manufacturing products in this quality and uniqueness was passed on from generation to generation in the house of Herrmann A. Kähler (HAK). This is the only way to maintain the high standard today. And so these handmade products claim their rightful place in home design without putting themselves too much in the foreground. As a characteristic of authenticity, the original "HAK" mark always shows as the bottom mark.

Are you looking for a suitable gift to bring A Kähler Design vase is a valuable, special gift for friends, which brings a smile on everyone's face with the distinctive design. Find the perfect gift from Kähler Design in the Connox Shop!

Danish vase design for purists: the Omaggio Vase
Original with love touch: Kähler Design vase Love Song

  1. Porcelain vase with sculptural design: the Hammershøi classic

1. Danish vase design for purists: the Omaggio Vase

The two Danish designers Ditte Reckweg and Jelena S. Nordentoft (design studio Stilleben ) are responsible for the appealing vase design of the Kähler Omaggio Vase in black. The vase presents itself self-confidently with its sensitively guided, horizontally running black rings on a very balanced, slightly bulbous vase shape. It is also available in the puristic colors white with silver ring-shaped stripes as Kähler Omaggio Vase in silver or in Pearl with pearl-colored rings. With this elegant form it invites to be arranged with a decorative spring branch, with pink cherry blossoms or with an opulent magnolia blossom branch. However, non-flowering dry branches also make very decorative. Combine your Kähler Design Omaggio vase with a decorative bowl or a candlestick from the Omaggio series . This way you can create a unified table decoration.

2. Original with Love Touch: Kähler Design Vase Love Song

Flower vases especially for lovers and romantics? The Love Song Vase in cylindrical design produced by Kähler Design shows text lines from a love song like "Love me tender", "All you need is love" and the word LOVE on the surface of the decorative object. The subtle imprint is visually as well as haptically perceptible, and the song lyrics always somehow resonate in the mind. The clean typography is discreetly engraved into the surface of the cylindrical vase. It is eye-catching due to the inherent contrast of the rough stoneware and the letters. It is available in the colours lime white, pale grey and sand to match the respective living environment. The surfaces are matt and a continuous glaze is applied to the inside for use as a fully functional design vase . It is available in heights of 125mm, 220mm and 300mm. Arranged together at different heights, these Love Song vases never fail to please. They can be arranged discreetly with contrasting natural wood surfaces such as natural oak, beech or maple. Small bouquets of flowers still allow the words to "ring out" even when they are half-covered by the blossoms. An atmospheric decoration and a real eye-catcher with a constant motto to love on special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays or any anniversaries of dearest friends or partners.

3. Porcelain vase with sculptural design: the Hammershøi classic

An eye-catching classic is the Hammershøi vase, modelled on a Greek amphora, from the renowned house Kähler . The unusual sculptural form goes back to a model used by the designer Svend Hammershøi at Kähler as early as 1900 (today's design by Hans-Christian Bauer ). A characteristic grooved pattern, similar to a wide pleated fabric, characterizes the dominant surface. The production of this model is complex and the glaze a challenge, as glazes tend to pull back thin-skinned at edges and allow the background to show through. Not so with HAK. Here again, the outstanding craftsmanship of the Danish manufacturer is evident. The Hammershøi vases manufactured by Kähler Design are available in the colours white, anthracite, rosé and mint. They express their full effect in the 250 mm high model. In addition, there are heights of 200 mm and 100 mm. The bulbous shape is assigned to the 125 mm high porcelain vase and is ideal for holding thicker bouquets. In a stylish arrangement, these designer vases also like to complement Hammershøi tableware for the set table. The Hammershøi vases can also be cleaned in the dishwasher at max. 55°.

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