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Design trays - so you can find the right model for your home

  1. Variety
  2. Tips
  3. Use
  4. Materials
  5. Conclusion

1. Much more than just serving aids: the variety of trays at Connox

Crop top category trays

Trays were originally used to serve food and drinks - but they can also be used in many other ways. Depending on the possible function, there are already various basic types of trays today: Derived from the cake plate, pastries can be elegantly arranged on trays on one foot (1). In addition, a tray with a foot is also a nice decorative eye-catcher and offers space for everything that is not too difficult at times.

The tray with handle is very classic for easy carrying of drinks and food. A mix of materials and color accents make the classic even more appealing (2). Real all-rounders that stage a picture like a frame are minimalist trays: Because what is on top is in the foreground (3). A special highlight is provided by two-tier server inspired trays with height play (4). They are perfect for small items and accessories in the entrance area, in the bathroom, at the desk and in the bedroom.

2. Tips for decorating your design tray

In order to create a classic decoration arrangement on a tray, create a clear height gradation. Because this reinforces the spatial effect. What you arrange on the decorative tray is up to you. Classic elements are flowers in vases and pots, unfilled vases, decorative figures, candles of all kinds (tealight, candlesticks) or small bowls and bonbonnières. Square trays are particularly effective where they stand on the edge of a piece of furniture, for example on sideboards or dressers. Round trays are the right choice on dining tables, round side tables and coffee tables. Round trays also fit perfectly wherever you want to create a contrast of shapes.

Kaleido Trays in the mix of Hay “Simple pieces of furniture can easily get that certain something with an arrangement of trays. Angular models that are either pushed together or placed one inside the other are best suited for this. Color accents also increase the wow effect and enable different decorations.“ - Viktoria, interior design expert

3. Trays are used here

Trays are the easiest way to create order on tables, chests of drawers or sideboards or just to make it appear that way. Because they combine small groups and ensure that individual objects do not lie around indiscriminately, but are given a place. From the dining table, for glasses and carafes, to the bathroom (2) and kitchen (3) to the entrance area for keys and Co. or the bedroom (4), design trays can be used in a variety of ways. Trays can also be placed as a table replacement (1) in bed or on ottomans.

4. Tray designs and their materials

Design trays as an all-rounder

The variety of materials for trays is very large, so there is a suitable model for every furnishing style and every use:

Wooden trays (5) have a natural and warm character. They can change their color over time due to sun exposure, but are robust and absolutely timeless. They are suitable for every use and the classic among the trays.

Braid is currently absolutely the trend, so trays with a mix of rattan and wood (1) are real eye-catchers and combine the useful with the beautiful.

Trays made of stone, such as marble (2), look very elegant and of high quality. They are somewhat heavier than classic trays and are therefore best suited for a permanent place and the grouping of objects on them.

The situation is similar for a glass tray (3). However, caution is required when swinging hard and heavy objects. Glass trays are primarily intended for decorating.

Models made of plastic (4) or metal (6) are modern and come in many color variations. They also impress with the variety of shapes that the material enables, thereby creating an unconventional use.

Tray designs and their materials

5. Conclusion - you should note this when buying a design tray

  • While models with handles fulfill the classic serving function particularly well, cakes and pastries can be arranged stylishly on trays with feet. Trays with different heights are not only a great decorative highlight, but are also suitable for storing small things. With minimalist trays, what is on them is brought into focus.
  • Each type of tray can also be converted into a decorative tray with the help of vases, candles, flowers, figures or bowls. Different heights provide the extra twist.
  • Angular trays fit perfectly on the edge of sideboards or dressers and round trays are ideal on dining tables as well as round side and coffee tables.
  • From trays made of wood, marble and glass to plastic and metal, Connox offers models made of any material. You can create a special highlight with a tray made from a mix of materials.

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Purchasing advice from Connox

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