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Flötotto - Pro Collection

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Who doesn't know classic school furniture? Most of us used the famous chairs and tables, the Collection form Konstantinc Grcic is leaned on. The German designer used innovative know-how and his design skills for the development of the Flötotto Pro series.

Chairs and tables that are primary oriented by the interests of the user were the result – functional as well as aesthetically. Without hiding their real origin, the Pro Collection from Flötotto doesn't look immature at all. The Pro Collection is as well comfortable and ergonomic for raised demands far from school or children's rooms: The Pro 6 model was made for adult users.

Liberty while seating – liberty while thinking

The movement-ergonomic points of view, which were important during the development of the Pro series by Flötotto, are advantageous for adults, young people and children as well: health and comfort are encouraged, which results in positive attention and concentration.

Since the backrest moves with changes of seating positions, the spine column and the back musculature are strengthened. The slim shapes of the Flötotto Pro 6 chairs make them suitable to sit vice versa. Pro doesn't ask for a determinate way of sitting, but it enables different seating position – 360° all around.

The Pro tables by Flötotto are available in different sizes, suiting the chairs with the C-frame (Pro 3 to Pro 7) and swivel chairs (Pro 4 to Pro 6) as single and double working tables. Two different frames enable the adaptation to different demands.

The Pro chairs by Flötotto have the same skills: Different editions of seats and frames make the ergonomic chairs suitable for schools, children's rooms, home offices, conference rooms and every other possible purpose. Since liberty while seating means liberty while thinking.